Top 7 Best Car Air Purifier in India

Best car air purifier in India

Air purifiers are not just for homes and offices. 

This is the mistake so many people make. They think once they have a purifier in the interior space of whatever building they occupy during the day is enough to breath healthy air. 

But that is not true.

Your car is not a safe place; not anymore! To stay safe, you need the best car air purifier in India. Let me explain, why?

Most modern cities are becoming more polluted with each passing day, and this is especially true for India, where schools and businesses have been forced to close in certain places because the air quality had deteriorated so thoroughly.

If you have to drive your car through a modern Indian city; smoke from factories and the emissions of other cars are going to become a danger to your health. 

It isn’t enough to simply close the windows! 

Air pollutants are microscopic. You would have to vacuum seal your car to keep them out, and that isn’t possible.

Even if you could vacuum seal your vehicle, what about cigarette smoke? If you have passengers that need to smoke every so often, the air quality in your car is going to suffer. 

This also applies to people who carry pets. If your body reacts negatively to the fur that animals shed, it isn’t enough to open your windows. Even after your pets leave your car, the hair they leave behind will continue to torment your sinuses.

An Air purifier solves all these problems. 

A decent car air purifier will combat smoke, pollen, dust, and everything in between. 

Of course, to get the best results and to ensure the best possible quality of air within your car, you must also purchase the best car air purifier.

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    The List of Top 7 Best Car Air Purifier in India

    Car Air Purifier Name Read The Full Review Check Price On Amazon
    1.HONEYWELL MOVE PURE Read Full Review Check Price
    2. PHILIPS GOPURE COMPACT 110 Read Full Review Check Price
    3. SHARP PLASMACLUSTER AIR PURIFIER (IG-GC2) Read Full Review Check Price
    4. CRUSADERS CF-100  Read Full Review Check Price
    5. Atlanta Healthcare Car Air Purifier​ Read Full Review Check Price
    6. Mann-Filter FC 301 Car Air Purifier Read Full Review Check Price
    7. Airspa Car Air Purifier  Read Full Review Check Price

    Best Car Air Purifier in India


    Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier

    The honey well car air purifier is a modern-day trendy and attractive car air purifier. It comes with some great features.

    It can remove different unhealthy elements from the air like smoke of a cigarette, viruses, bacteria, and different bad odors.

    This attractive and classy car air purifier has only one color, and that is black. it works so silently. This car air purifier can easily improve your ride than ever.

    As we mentioned before, this air car purifier comes with many features. Let us look at some key features of this air purifier.



      1. It makes a very low sound during purifying the car air. This feature makes your car a better place.
      2. It has an extra-large wire so you can easily connect it anywhere of your car and use it.
      3. It has an advanced double-layer activated carbon filter. The advanced activated carbon filter can remove different unhealthy elements from the air like smoke of a cigarette, viruses, bacteria, and different bad odors.
      4. It has a manufactural warranty of 12 months.
      5. This car air purifier comes with an affordable price.
      6. One of the best features of this purifier I think is that the installation process is so simple and very easy.
      7. It has two fans and only one button to operate.
      8. The replaceable process is also very simple and effortless.



    Final Verdict: The Honeywell Move pure car air purifier is the perfect choice for your car. Despite having some problems, we will highly recommend you to check this car air purifier out. 


    Philips Gopure Car Air Purifier

    The Go Pure car air purifier is a product of the popular brand Phillips. 

    This top branded air purifier is healthy and the best solution to remove pollution from your car. It removes over 95% of virus, bad odors, and different toxic gasses. 

    This car air purifier comes with a reasonable and affordable price. The installation process is simple and easy to use. 

    This car air purifier has three different advanced filters that protect and clean the air in three different ways from three different pollutions. 

    Some key features of this car purifier are below. 


    • It has a reasonable price so that any buyer needs not to think twice for the budget.
    • It has three different advanced filters. HEPA, HESA, and Pre-filter.
    • An easy installation process that you may not need a serviceman to help you out.
    • It removes over 95% of virus, bad odors, and different toxic gasses.
    • Phillips company insists that this air purifier cleans the air over 95% within 15 minutes.
    • After installation, there is no other process left to complete. just sit back and breathe healthily.
    • The car air purifier even protects your car from outdoor gasses if those gasses come into your car.



    Final verdict: Most consumers are happy with this Phillips Go Pure compact 110 car air purifier. One very good thing about this product is that it is a product of a very popular international brand. So keeping the cons aside, this car air purifier could be an ideal choice for your car.


    Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier

    The popular brand Sharp has launched a portable car air purifier ig-gc2. 

    It can remove bad odors from your car by using its PLASMACLUSTER technology. This car air purifier is super fast. 

    It will remove all the pollution from your car within 10 minutes. 

    Sharp is a popular brand and a very trustworthy company in this tech industry. This new air purifier ig-gc2 was voted #1 car air purifier in Hong Kong.  

    This car air purifier is perfectly shaped and can be set anywhere in the car. 

    Let us break down some key features.


    • Most customers are satisfied with the car air purifier. And it is also a product of a very popular brand.
    • Plasma-cluster Technology is the best feature of this product. They say that this is the future of air purifiers.
    • Highly effective in very polluted areas.
    • Perfectly shaped and you can place it anywhere in the car.
    • It cleans the air so first and gives you instant freshness.
    • No WIFI functionality.
    • There are so many colors available for this product in different areas. 
    • It comes with a two-port USB car adapter and weighs 265 gm.



    Final Verdict: The ig-gc2 is a very smart and advanced car air purifier. It was also voted on #1 car air purifier in Hong Kong. If you journey in polluted areas mostly, this car air purifier could be the best for your car.


    Crusaders CF-100 Car Air Purifier

    CRUSADERS CF-100 is a bottle-sized advanced air purifier. It has an uncommon design which made it attractive.

    It has a touch control panel and contains an ON and OFF switch.

    It has three different filters. They are elementary pre-filter, activated carbon filter, and an HEPA filter. 

    Let’s find out briefly about this car air purifier


    • Three different advanced filters help to clean every pollution from the car. This purifier is highly effective in any pollution.
    • It is budget-friendly and affordable for anyone.
    • It contains a simple touch control panel and an on/off switch at the very bottom.
    • You can keep it running for 3-4 hours in a single charge. It has a Li-lon battery
    • It can cover over 60-7- square ft.
    • It uses an USB port for charging.
    • It comes with a UV lamp and negative Ions.



    Final verdict: This CRUSADERS CF-100 could be perfect for your car. If you always drive around in a place where air pollution is a genuine concern, you should have an air purifier like CRUSADERS CF-100. I don’t think that you will bargain about the structure if the service is good enough. 


    Atlanta Healthcare Car Air Purifier

    Atlanta Healthcare is an Indian company. It was founded in 2010. The company is very popular all over India. It produces some great gadgets, including car air purifier.
    Atlanta Healthcare Car Air Purifier is very popular nowadays in the market. This air purifier has many advanced features. It has four different filtrations and other great features.
    Let us find out more.


    • It has four different filtrations systems. HEPA, Activated Carbon, Anti Bacterial Guard, and an Ioniser.
    • It comes with a dual-fan technology. First-ever in India.
    • It works so fast and can easily clean your car air in just 10 minutes.
    • This car air purifier can clean PM2.5/PM10, Smoke, Virus, Bacteria, Odour, Gases / TOC, Formaldehyde, Pet Dander etc from the air.
    • One-touch operation and so simple to use.
    • This air purifier also comes with a 1 year of manufactural warranty. 



    Final Verdict: This car air purifier comes from a very popular and trustworthy brand from India. And also, most of the customers are satisfied by the service of Atlanta Healthcare Car Air Purifier. Despite being pricey, the service is world class and worth every penny.


    Mann-Filter FC 301 Car Air Purifier

    Mann-Filter FC 301 Car Air Purifier is a new product in the Indian market. This is not that much popular but it contains some really good features.

    It comes with many unique and special features that anyone would like to have this car air purifier in their car.
    So, let us discuss the special features of Mann-Filter FC 301 Car Air Purifier.


    • This car air purifier is very effective, and it is probably the most effective car air purifier in India.
    • It contains a CADR technology that makes it so much faster than other car air purifiers.
    • This car air purifier doesn’t make any sound and works silently.
    • It comes with a 1 year of manufactural warranty.
    • It comes with a three-level sensor detector. This detector detects and removes different pollutants from the car.
    • This air purifier comes with an HEVA filter technology that removes 99% pollutants from the car.



    Final Verdict: The price of Mann-Filter FC 301 Car Air Purifier is a little high as a newcomer in the Indian market. But all the qualities are first-class. 


    Airspa Car Air Purifier

    This Airspa car air purifier is a budget-friendly car air purifier. Airspa car air purifier is manufactured futuristically, but it doesn’t create problem fitting in your car.
    This car air purifier suits perfectly in every car. 
    The Airspa car air purifier contains a lot of features which might increase your interest in this car air purifier.


    • This car air purifier is perfectly shaped and can comfortably fit in any place of the car like glass holder or in other places.
    • It comes with a 1 year of manufactural warranty.
    • This car air purifier works really fast to clean every pollutant from the car.
    • This Airspa car air purifier comes with an HEPA filter and Ioniser.
    • It works noiselessly, and it is a very effective car air purifier.



    Final Verdict: The price of Mann-Filter FC 301 Car Air Purifier is a little high as a newcomer in the Indian market. But all the qualities are first-class. 

    Do You Need a Car Air Purifier?

    To determine whether or not you need a car air purifier, you should consider the following:

    1). Where do you live? 

    In truth, not everyone requires an air purifier! 

    The devices are designed to control the volume of air pollutants in your car. So if you live in some verdant mountainous region that is free of air pollutants, then a purifier doesn’t serve any purpose in your case.

    However, if you live in a modern Indian city saturated with vehicles and factories, both of which spend every single day of their existence belching out toxic fumes, then you definitely require a purifier.

    2). How Do You Feel? 

    This is the question that ultimately determines whether or not you need a purifier. 

    If you are consistently bombarded with unpleasant smells during your commute, you need a car air purifier. 

    If you can see particles floating randomly through the air in your car, you need a purifier.

    If you have to fight with allergies and respiratory conditions every time you drive through certain streets, you need a purifier. 

    Basically, if the quality of the air you encounter whenever you go driving is causing you distress, you need a purifier.

    3). What Kind of Vehicle do you Drive? 

    Some vehicles have air purifiers built into their Air Conditioning systems. Such vehicles are not cheap. But if you have one of these models, you have no use for an additional car air purifier.

    How Do You Choose a Car Air Purifier?

    To get the best out of a car air purifier, you must first ensure that you get the best possible air purifier for your car. That means taking these factors into account:

    1). Type

    Before you can select the best purifier for your car, you need to first determine the type of purifier you want. 

    Ion generators produce negative ions which attach themselves to pollutants, making them so heavy that they fall out of the air.

    Ion Generators are cheap but they don’t take the pollutants away. You have to clean up afterward. Ozone generators produce ozone which is quite effective at eliminating odors and gases. However, it can also attract negative health consequences for human beings.

    HEPA Filters are the most popular of these purifiers because they actually remove pollutants from the air. They are also perfectly safe. However, they have components that require regular cleaning.

    2). Power

    The source of power that a purifier uses matters because it determines the efficacy. Purifiers that must be plugged into power are convenient because you don’t have to worry about them running out of power. But such purifiers are not that powerful.

    On the other hand, purifiers that you can recharge are quite powerful. They are also portable. But you can forget to charge them and that presents a problem if you have a long journey ahead of you.

    Purifiers that require batteries are also powerful and portable. But you have to keep replacing the batteries. It is a question of your tastes and preferences.

    3). Mounting

    How is your purifier supposed to fit into your car? Can you just leave it on the floor or does it have to be attached to a particular section of your car? Are there clip-on features you can use, possibly even an adhesive surface that can attach to a convenient section of the cabin?

    This is one consideration that people often forget. Before you buy a purifier, make sure you can mount it conveniently in your car.

    4). Size

    Think about the size of your car. The bigger the cabin of the vehicle, the more powerful the purifier should be. Your health should also factor into your decision. For instance, some people can’t afford to use ozone generators because their health will suffer. Others are not perturbed by the ozone that ozone generators produce.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are Air Purifiers Effective?

    The effectiveness of an air purifier will depend on the type of purifier. For instance, manufacturers will say that ion purifiers are effective because they make pollutants so heavy that they fall out of the air. 

    But car owners will argue that the pollutants are still in the car.

    The same applies to ozone generators, which do not necessarily eliminate pollutants. They merely make them odorless, banishing any bad smells. If you are talking about a purifier that eliminates pollutants in the strictest sense of the word, a HEPA purifier will do just that.

    Do Cars Have HEPA Filters?

    Most cars on the road have an HVAC system that is designed to introduce fresh air into the cabin. Some cars have an HVAC System with a filter that will trap debris. They use a fine mesh that can capture most tiny particles. IN-built HEPA filters in cars work best when the windows are closed.

    This allows the HVAC system to recirculate the same clean air throughout the cabin. Otherwise, every time you open the window, you contaminate the cabin once more, making the inbuilt filter less effective. Some people have argued that an inbuilt HEPA filter in a car isn’t as powerful as an external car purifier because the fan lacks the suction power required to draw significant amounts of air through the filter.

    Is an Ionizer Dangerous?

    Ionizers work by generating negative ions that attach to allergens, dust, bacteria and other pollutants. The ions weigh them down, forcing the pollutants out of the air. Ionizers are completely safe for use. People question them because they produce ozone which can be dangerous in concentrated amounts.

    However, ionizers only produce ozone in small quantities that are unlikely to negatively affect human health. Modern ionizers have systems that will monitor the amount of ozone produced and suppress it where necessary.

    Ionic Air Purifiers VS HEPA Air Purifier

    HEPA Filters operate by sucking air through a filter and trapping pollutants. The air they eventually push out is clean, free of contaminants. Ionic Air Purifiers generate ions which bond with pollutants, making them so heavy that they fall out of the air.

    Both ionic Air Purifiers and Hepa Air Purifiers are designed to clean air, but they use different methods to do so. People typically argue that HEPA filters are superior because they actually remove pollutants, trapping them in the filter.

    With Ionic Purifiers, the pollutants are still in the cabin of your car. And if someone opens the door and enters, their actions alone could compel the pollutants to rise into the air once more, becoming a danger. With HEPA Filters, you have to introduce new contaminants to the cabin to threaten their results.

    With ionic purifiers, the contaminants never left. But you have to consider the fact that ionic devices can purify spaces as large as 3,500 sq. This is as opposed to the 1,500 sq that an HEPA Filter can purify. This is despite the fact that ionic purifiers are cheaper and require less maintenance.

    Even if you argued that HEPA Filters are safer, one cannot deny the fact that ionic air purifiers have just as many points working in their favor as HEPA Filters. In that regard, you have to agree that neither is definitively superior. The answer to this question depends on the user and the need at hand.

    The Exit

    These are, without a doubt, the best car air purifiers on the market. Yes, some of them are a little more expensive than you expected. But you need to understand that none of these items are a luxury. The car is a far more dangerous place than your home because it brings you into direct contact with India’s worst pollutants.

    This makes a car air purifier more important than your home purifier. India’s traffic Jams are quite nightmarish. As such, you are spending hours of every single day during your commute exposed to every air pollutant that India has to offer.

    If you have a child, you should know that air pollution will hurt them far worse. These car air purifiers are worth every penny it takes to secure them because they will save your life and the lives of the people who share your car.