Top 10 Best Air Purifiers for Home in India

Best air purifier in india
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We live in a world that is massively industrialized. There is pollution everywhere whether it’s the land, sea or air. All types of pollution are dangerous; However, air pollution is considered one of the most deadly forms of pollution. Where other pollution types can affect you if you come in contact with them, air pollution can affect you any time because it is in the air itself. You cannot hide or run from it. 

Air pollution can be cause by many different reasons, but no matter the reason it can have very harmful effects on humans, animals and plants. If there is pollution outside, then you are bound to feel its effects indoors as well.

As according to the Environment Protection Energy (EPA), the indoor concentrations of some pollutants are often 2 to 5 times higher than typical outdoor concentrations.

You have to work smartly so you can rid your house of all the pollution and the dust particles. 

These days technology has made life very easy for us. Instead of shutting down the blinds and closing your windows, you should get an air purifier. Closing the window may stop the dust particles from getting in; However, it also stops ventilation and dust particles can be created from the pollution that is already in the house. Hence, air purifiers offers a great and effective alternative to traditional air purifying methods.

These days air purifiers are considered very important. It is no longer an item for value addition in your business; Instead, it has become a necessity. As India is developing, factories and industries in the country are also increasing their operations. This has caused the pollution to increase. 

Industries and factories are the biggest and most significant reasons for increased levels of pollution. India is a very tech savvy country. People in India are very keen on using technology in different aspects of their life. 

No matter how bad things get, you can always get the air cleared through different air purifiers. Every air purifier has its own features. You have to choose one based on your lifestyle and the surroundings.

An air purifier is considered one of the basic necessities of every household in India these days. Air purifiers purify the air by removing various harmful pollutants from the air inside your house. Finding a good air purifier is like finding a needle in the haystack these days. 

There are so many brands out there that offer similar products and services. It is very important to study and do your research before making the purchase. It is crucial to buy an item that has all the modern features but one that is cost effective. There is a variety of different types of air purifier available in the market. 

Even different companies who are offering similar products tend to alter the price to make their product more attractive however when choosing an air purifier money should be the least of your problems. Health is wealth and you cannot enjoy great health until and unless the air is regularly cleaned on both your house and your office. 

There are so many things to look and consider while buying an air purifier. In the Indian market, there are so many local and international brands competing against each other. It becomes very difficult to choose the best air purifier which fulfills our requirements.

Coal emissions, vehicle smoke, and other emissions are polluting the air to a critical level. Therefore, it is recommended one should buy the best purifier there is in the market. In this article, we will thoroughly guide all the necessary things that are required to know before buying an air purifier.

There are also many factors to consider before buying an air purifier. In this article, we have briefly listed all those factors so you can buy a good air purifier for your home.

In today’s era, with increasing levels of pollution daily, an air purifier is considered a very critical device. It reduces most of the risk that are related to air pollution and provides you with clean and healthy air to breathe. Keep in mind before buying an air purifier check whether it is suitable to the pollution level of the city you live in. Because the air purifier for Kolkata might not be suitable for New Delhi because of difference in pollution levels among the two cities.

The Indian market for air purifiers has many manufacturers/brands. Therefore, many people wonder which one is the best, which one has the best purification, which one has the best range. Some dealers to increase their revenues give false assurances regarding the air purifiers and scam the customers. Therefore, it is necessary that you check and verify the purifier before you buy.

Many companies have scammed people and sell them either faulty or fake air purifiers. These companies not only rob people of their earnings but pose a threat to the customer’s life. It is highly recommended that you inspect the air purifier before buying to avoid a scam.

Because of the ever-increasing numbers of vehicles, they have raised the pollution level to a critical level in megacities. Vehicle smoke contains carbon monoxide, which is considered being a very harmful pollutant. Million of vehicles are driven around the cities which pollutes the air with this toxic pollutant. However, a recent developments have taken place in the automobile market where electric and hybrid cars are gaining popularity. Therefore, reducing fossil fuel consumption.

Hybrid and electric cars will lead to less emission of harmful gases in the air. Pollution is also caused by power plants as they burn fossil fuel to generate electricity. Power plant emissions contain harmful gasses such as sulfur dioxide. When emitted, sulfur dioxide reacts with water molecules in the air, which leads to acid rain in the monsoon season. Many alternative sources of energy are being considered worldwide. Solar, wind and nuclear are already used by developed countries in order to rely less on fossil fuel and emit fewer pollutants.

The list of top 10 best air purifier in India

Mattress Name Read the full review Check price on Amazon
1. MI Air Purifier 2S Read Full Review Check Price
2. Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower WiFi-Enabled Air Purifier Read Full Review Check Price
3. American Micronic 22 Watts Air Purifier Read Full Review Check Price
4. Philips 1000 Series AC1215/20 Air Purifier Read Full Review Check Price
5. Honeywell Air Touch Air Purifier Read Full Review Check Price
6. Blueair Blue 211 Read Full Review Check Price
7. Germ Guardian True HEPA Filter Read Full Review Check Price
8. LEVOIT Smart WiFi Air Purifier Read Full Review Check Price
9. Coway AP 1512 Read Full Review Check Price
10. IQ Care Health Pro 250 Read Full Review Check Price

Top 10 best air purifier for home in India

1. MI air purifier 2S

The Xiaomi Mi Air purifier2 offers excellent protection from dust, dirt, and pollen as well as other invisible particles in the air. This is possible due to its ultra-dense Toray EPA filter which can resist even PM2.5 particles or less keeping any allergic components off boundaries. The aerodynamic system allows Clean Air Delivery Rate of 310m3/h which is the international standards of how effective an air purifier is.

Due to the purifier’s cylindrical shape, the air around it can  be trapped and filter from an angle of 360 degrees. The carbon filters are effective in filtering odors and harmful gasses from your room’s environment. You can easily control the Xiaomi Mi Air filter with a remote control inbuilt in your smartphones by downloading the Xiaomi Mi App. This system is very effective and informative as users are always kept informed about filter change alerts. Affordable and a smart energy consumption device as it consumes less than 58 percent energy. 


  • What more to say about Xiaomi!! They always create cool products at an affordable price.
  • It can purify your room in 10 minutes. Nothing can go faster than this.
  • This air purifier has an activated carbon filter that can tackle impure air from all directions and eliminate impurities like formaldehyde, bad odour, and other harmful substances.
  • It has an one-year warranty and a 10 days returning policy if you don’t like it.
  • It has an OLED display that shows all the important details.
  • It can connect with Amazon Alexa so you can control it using voice command.
  • You can just download the MI home app on your phone and control it using your phone.


  • Very easy to control and read the data as you can connect it using an MI home app on your smartphone.
  • It can purify your home in 10 minutes.
  • It has almost zero noise.
  • Sleek design which will make your room more attractive.


  • You will need to change the filter every 6 months.

Final verdict: MI air purifier 2S is the smartest and affordable air purifier in the Indian market. If you want to control your air purifier using your phone or voice, then this purifier is for you.

2. Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower WiFi-Enabled Air Purifier

The one reason, why this air purifier is topping the charts, is due to its 3in1 solution making it an all year rounder.

This air purifier comes with heater technology, yes you heard that right! The purifier gives cool purified air so you wouldn’t need an AC where this purifier is working; Moreover, it works best when the bacteria and viruses are at their peak of causing infections during the stuffy and humid summer spells. The appliance works as a heater in the winters so it purifies the air and gives out warm air to make your living rooms and bedrooms cozier. 

The Dyson Pure Hot + cool air filter is effective in eliminating 99.95 percent of harmful and allergy-causing pollutants. The air purifier is so powerful that it eliminates particles or allergens measuring as microscopic as 0.1 microns. The HEPA filters are vacuum-sealed and the activated carbon filters help in removing bad odor indoors. 

This air purifier is solidly built and looks impactful when placed in any corner of the house. The cylindrical built  is ideal for a 360 degree oscillation fully purifying air. The air purifier is automated and can be controlled by the Dyson Link App so it is easy to control the device functioning from anywhere. 

Furthermore, this air purifier is approved by Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America so it can be trusted even with patients with breathing problems. 

Dyson is known to conduct a test known as the POLAR test to check the purifying efficiency and performance and passing this test means there is no parallel to this appliance. The device doesn’t take the traditional Clean Air Delivery Rate test, rater runs the polar test which is the most recent one to assess product efficiency.  

The appliance measure 290 square foot in dimensions excluding the fan and gives an aura of exclusivity to its environment. The Dyson air purifier consists of nine built-in sensors which are vigilant in detecting any chemicalized odors or pollutants which might prove harmful for the indoor environment.


  • Dyson is a British technology company that manufactures high-quality household appliances.
  • This air purifier has a warranty of 2 years. And if anything goes wrong, you can return it within 10 days of purchase. But make sure you know amazon rules, which is only a three-day return policy.
  • This air purifier can remove even the smallest particles from the air.
  • Not only purifying the air but it can also project and circulate purified air throughout the room.


  • It’s not the only promise but it really clears all harmful particles from the air.
  • This is a certified by asthma and allergy foundation of America. So, they proved what they could do.
  • It has a 360 degree HEPA filter. Better than any other HEPA filter in the market.
  • It has a few greats technology like air multiplied technology for a powerful air projection.
  • It has a beautiful, unique design that will make your house more beautiful.


  • It could be expensive for most Indian families.

Final Verdict: If you are not on a budget and looking for the best air purifier of the market, we recommend you go for this air purifier. Just try it, and if you don’t like it, you can return it easily within 10 days.

3. American Micronic 22 Watts Air purifier


  • This is the smallest and cheapest air purifier on this list.
  • It has a built-in ionizer which is an excellent way of removing smoke and other suspended particles.
  • It can cover a tiny room like 150 to 200 sq.ft.
  • And it takes around half an hour to purify a room.


  • This is the most affordable air purifier for a small room.
  • Its size is tiny and compact. So, you can fix it in, almost any place.
  • This air purifier is very good for asthma patients.
  • It makes nearly no sound and very light.


  • It’s not a good fit for bigger rooms.

Final Verdict: If you are on a budget and you have a small room of 150 to 200 sq.ft. then this air purifier could be a best choice for you.

4. Philips 1000 Series AC1215/20 Air Purifier


  • Philips 1000 series air purifier might be the most affordable air purifier available in the Indian market.
  • It is an HEPA filter type capable of covering 677 square feet.
  • It has a night sensing mode which deliver clean air and it’s dimmed or switched off lights and the low sound helps you to sleep better.
  • It has a child lock technology that prevents unintended changes in settings.
    Best for small bedrooms.


  • HEPA filter type, which covers about 677 square feet.
  • It removes dust and carbon particles from the air.
  • It has a ton of smart features like child lock and night sensing mode, which makes your life a lot easier.
  • It helps to reduce dust allergy.


  • It’s not suitable for larger bedrooms. You will need to order a higher version.

Final Verdict: If you are on a budget, this air purifier could be the best choice for you. 

 5. Honeywell air touch air purifier

Honeywell Air Touch air purifier is equipped with a 3D airflow system which takes the polluted air from atmosphere and releases fresh oxygenated air from its top. This humidifier covers an area of approximately 450 sq feet with a clean air delivery rate of  300m3/h, making it ideal for play areas, kitchens, bedrooms and dining rooms with a High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestant (HEPA) filter type removing 2.5 particles. These filters are washable and the 3 stage filtration system with the advanced Honeywell HiSiv technology the purifier is able to remove pollutants from the air effectively up to 99 percent. The equipment is “ozone free” completely and it doesn’t give off any harmful by-products to the environment. To make maintenance and servicing easier, the pre-filters can be washed and you don’t need a professional to get them changed, you can easily manage on your own. You can even wash the pre filter.


  • Honeywell air touch air purifier might be the most compact air purifier available in the market.
  • It’s very easy to install and you can do it yourself. 
  • They have a filter lifetime of about 3000 hours.
  • Their coverage area is around 450 sq/ft.
  • This air purifier has a three-stage air purification system that resolves 99% of the pollutants.


  • They have a filter life of 3000 hours, so if you use it for 8 hours a day the filter can easily survive for one year. 
  • The noise it’s made is lesser than a split AC and much lesser than many other air purifiers, which is very much comfortable for your ear.
  • It takes around 15 minutes to make your air clean.
  • Its design is beautiful and very light weighted. 


  • If there is a power cut, the machine will not restart on its own when the power comes back. You will need to get up and switch it back on. Which I don’t like.

Final Verdict: This air purifier would have been a complete package if it had that auto power on facilities. But still it’s a great air purifier for your family.

6. Blueair blue 211

Blue Air Blue 211 is a product of a Swedish brand named Blueair. This air purifier is a great and ideal choice for medium to large rooms. It removes 99 percent of pollution from the air. It provides soundless service so you can have your rest properly. It can really cover a large area of about 540 square feet. The performance is fantastic.

Let us discuss some great features of this air purifier.


  • 1. Its activated carbon filter removes common odors of the room.
  • It has a great eco-friendly design. It helps to reduce energy usage.
  • It needs a very little cost for filter replacement.
  • This purifier contains a high-quality filter.
  • It provides air at 360 degrees. So probably the size of the room doesn’t really matter.
  • The purifier covers a large area. No matter how big the room is.
  • A budget-friendly high-quality air purifier.
  • It works silently and does not make an annoying or disturbing sound. 


  • It has a very good quality full filter.
  • Comes with a reasonable price.
  • Amazing Design.
  • Provides service silently.
  • Large area coverage
  • Reduces a lot of energy usage.


  • There is no timer system.
  • No air sensor found.
  • Absence of smart and advance feature.

Final Verdict: Though there is a lack of advanced features, it has some amazing features. It comes with a reasonable price and covers a big area that I think is enough for any size of bedrooms. Having advanced features is really a great thing to have. But those features are not useful always. So considering only one matter, Blue Air Blue 211 could be an ideal choice.

7. Germ Guardian True HEPA Filter

Germ Guardian AC5000 is a product of Guardian Technologies. It’s a digital air purifier comes with some great features.
This budget-friendly air purifier could be an ideal choice for small-sized rooms. It contains an HEPA filter which is useful to the people who are suffering from allergy.
Many people have bought this product and most of them are satisfied. 
Let us look at the key features of this product if they meet your needs.


  • It has a warranty of 5 years and also provides a good customer service.
  • It has a carrying handle that you can use to move the air purifier wherever and whenever.
  • It is designed and shaped so perfectly that easily matches any room
  • It makes a sound when it is in the highest mode. But it does not sound if it’s in the lowest mode.
  • It gives you a reminder if the filter needs replacing by a new one.
  • The filter replacement process and cleaning are so easy.
  • People who are suffering from allergy disease need to be feared because it has a high-quality filtering system.
  • An eco-friendly product that comes with a reasonable price.


  • Budget-friendly and Eco-friendly.
  • The cleaning process is so simple
  • It has a timer system.
  • Designed superbly.
  • Moving from place A to place B is so easy for its carrying handle.
  • 5 years of warranty and great customer support.


  • It makes a loud noise when it is in the highest mode.
  • Maybe the filter replacement process is very easy, but it is also expensive.
  • Provides air only on one side of the room and does not have a 360 degrees air purifying system.

Final Verdict: This air purifier has a lot of great qualities. It has some amazing advanced features. It reduces the most common odors of a room like a dog smell, smoke, and so many like these. But everything has a bad side. It may make a sound in its highest mode, but it provides a great service overall. 

8. LEVOIT Smart WiFi Air Purifier

Levoit smart WIFI air purifier is the modern-day air purifier. It has some advanced features that make your relax time better. 
It is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT. Now you need not lift your arms and point to the purifier. You just need to use or smartphone or other gadgets.
It has over one purification mode. 
Let us break down all the features of this Air purifier.


  • You can give command to your air purifier by using your smartphone or gadgets. 
  • It has an HEPA filter that can remove pollutants of about 99 percent. 
  • It has a warranty time of 5 years. 
  • This purifier is not that heavy so you can move it easily anytime anywhere.
  • It provides service silently. No one will understand if the air purifier is on or not.
  • You can choose how long you want to have fresh air. Thanks to the timer functionality.
  • It has a fashionable design and looks classy. 
  • Advanced air purifier system reduces energy usage. You can save a lot of electricity.


  • Budget-friendly and well designed.
  • Reduces energy usage.
  • It has a timer mode.
  • Not heavy and easy for making a move.
  • 5 years warranty.
  • It works noiselessly.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • It can be controlled by your smartphone. 


  • The cost of basic filter replacement is expensive.
  • No application system for Android phones.

Final Verdict: This purifier could be the ideal choice for anyone who wants to use an advanced air purifier of this modern era. In addition, it has a high cost for filter replacement. But as most of the customers are satisfied, one or two problems do not really count.

9. Coway AP 1512

Coway is a product of a Korean Brand of air purifiers. It is a very popular brand worldwide. As they have completed 30 years in this business, they became trustworthy to their consumers.
Coway could be the perfect choice for small families.
This air purifier has some advanced and very useful features that make your rest-time better and more comfortable.
Let us have a look at those key features of this amazing air purifier.


  • The purifier contains 4 different filters, like Pre-filter, Activated carbon filter, HEPA filter, and lonizer. These 4 filters purify the air completely and help you rest well.
  • There is a light system on top of the purifier which can tell you how much the air is polluted. So you can set the purifier mode.
  • The activated carbon filter and the HEPA filter last very long. You need to change the activated carbon filter once in every six months and the HEPA filter once in a year.
  • It sinks in the air from the front side and bottom side and spreads the air from the top side. So you can fit it anywhere in the room.  
  • This purifier has an advanced timer system.


  • This air purifier is budget-friendly and eco-friendly.
  • Advanced timer system
  • It is not heavy so can move it to one place to another.
  • 4 different advanced air filter systems.
  • Fashionable design.
  • The performance is so good and most of the consumers are satisfied.
  • It is noiseless.


  • It has warranty time of 3 years. Less than other products.
  • The top light of the air purifier can not be turned off.
  • It is a great purifier but only in small rooms or only for short families.

Final Verdict: Coway Ap-1512 is a perfect choice for short families. Even the company is so popular that its customers’ trust the company with their eyes closed. So if you are looking for a purifier for your short room, this low-cost eco-friendly air purifier might be the one you are looking for. 

10. IQ care Health pro 250

IQAir HEALTH PRO 250 is a powerful air purifier which works well indoors to give a better air quality. For all those people who are health-conscious, and the increasing air pollution levels seem to be worrying them, this air purifier gives some promising results.  It is especially useful for individuals have a breathing problem and keeps away allergies, smoke, and pollen. It can be great for asthmatics and combats virus from getting through the filters.

Moreover  the F8 PreMax Filter, plus the V5-Cell MG filter, consisting of an effective activated carbon filter helps filter the air making breathing smoother and creating more oxygenated air inside the home. The IQAir health pro 250 comes with an H12/13 HEPA filter which is hospital grade and efficient. Once you bring this air purifier into your house, you don’t have to take it from one room to another as it can cover areas in wide range measuring up to 800 sq ft.


  • Voted number 1 air purifier several times. This proves that the product is very popular and trustworthy. 
  • It has warranty time of 5 years. So no one has to think about the performance or the quality.  
  • It can cover a large area and it spreads the fresh air out in a very good way so you can place it anywhere in your room.
  • It can cover a room of 1125 square feet.
    5. It has a four-stage filtration system. They are PreMax Prefilter, V-5 Cell Gas and Odor Filter, V-5 Cell Gas and Odor Filter pt2, and IQAir Hyper HEPA filter. 
  • This is a perfect air purifier for allergy patients.


  •  4 different advanced air filter systems.
  • Reduces energy usage.
  • It works noiselessly.
  • #1 air purifier for allergy patients.
  • Easy filters replaceable systems
  • 5 years warranty. 


  • The price is not reasonable. 
  • It makes a little noise when running in high power. 

Final Verdict: The IQAir Health Pro Plus Air Purifier can remove any pollutants, viruses or bad odors from your room. It coverages a huge area. But it is costly. So if you want a medical air purifier to remove bad odors and viruses or any of your family members are an allergy or asthma patient, this air purifier could be an ideal choice for you. 

Things to consider when buying a good purifier

Before you head out to buy an air purifier, there are many important things that you should consider. These things will help you make better buying decisions. 

Some factors like price, quality, brand and materials should always be considered but in addition to that there are some internal features that are crucial to be considered. These features are responsible for improving and boosting the functionality of the air purifier. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most important features to consider when buying a good air purifier.

HEPA Filtration

Our air isn’t just polluted with sand and dust particles there are a lot of other harmful particles in the air. These particles can result from food, chemical or any other thing. These harmful particles cause a lot of damage to the atmosphere and to the people who inhale in that air. For this purpose you need an air purifier that has HEPA Filtration.

To remove allergens and small particles from the air, HEPA filtration is considered being the best kind of filtration method. HEPA filtration is recommended by experts around the globe because of its effectiveness. 

HEPA filtration has the ability to remove particles to a size of 0.1 microns or smaller. Many try to achieve this feat but none actually do, this makes HEPA filtration the best.

Air Exchange Rate

Every air purifier has a specific capacity of air that can pass through it. This air exchange rate determines the speed with which the air purifier cleans the air. Good quality air purifiers clean air quicker than low quality air purifiers. 

It is very important to consider the air exchange rate before buying the air purifier. Buying an air purifier that has a low air exchange rate will be an investment you will like to forget. So always go for air purifiers with high air exchange rate. 

This is one of the most basic features of air purifiers so if you are stuck between two air purifiers; buy the one that has a higher air exchange rate.

Filter changing alert

Filter change alert in an air purifier signifies that it’s time to change the air filter of the air purifier. The filter change alert feature alerts you regularly.  They check the condition of the air filter and then alert you right away so you can change the filter. 

Changing the filter at the right time can aid in boosting the functionality of your air purifier. It is very important to choose an air purifier that has a good filter change alert system. 

If your air purifier does not have a good filter change alert system then not only will that affect the functionality of the air purifier it will also decrease the life of the air purifier.

Air Quality Monitor and Dust Sensor

In this day and age of technology, it is very important to have a technologically advanced air purifier that is equipped with an air quality monitor or a dust sensor. 

A good air purifier is most likely to have an automatic sensor that detects the pollution level in the air. With no help, the air adjusts the cleaning speed of the air purifier. 

This feature however has its drawbacks as consumers lose control over noise level of the air purifier and its energy consumption but it is quite beneficial when used in spaces which aren’t occupied. It is not just a value addition but also a need for time.

Fan speed

Fans are an important part of the air purifier. The fan is responsible for the speed at which the air moves through the air purifier. Most good air purifiers have several fan speeds. This lets you control the level of purification. It also saves a lot of energy. 

If you only need to clear the air of a few dusts particles, then using the air purifier’s fan at a low pace would do the job.  You can adjust the speed of your fan, which cycles the air through the air purifier. The higher the speed of the fan, the more noise it’ll make.


Air purifiers comes in many shapes and sizes. Small air purifiers costs less than the larger air purifiers. Large air purifiers cost more as they are designed to cover more area. So to cover a large area, one needs to buy an air purifier with an adequate capacity to meet the requirements. 

Small air purifiers work ideally for smaller homes however if you have a large hall or living room at your house then it is better to invest in a larger air purifier. Large air purifiers are highly recommended for commercial buildings.

Maintenance cost

The biggest mistake people make while buying things is that they only focus on the current price of the product without caring about the maintenance cost associated with it. 

Sometimes an item might cost you more in maintenance cost as compared to a more expensive face value item. Like all other items, it is very important to consider the maintenance cost of the air purifier before buying it.  Good air purifiers have lower cost associated with them. 

Filters of air purifiers have to be replaced in a year or once in six months. Some air purifiers have more than one filter for purifying the air while others employ one permanent filter only. The permanent filter has to be vacuumed over a period of time instead of being replaced. If the air purifier demands filter change on a regular basis, it’ll cost you a lot.

No ozone

Experts believe that ozone helps in dealing with toxic gases by nullifying their effect. But later it was found out that high levels of ozone gas can be equally toxic. Therefore, when choosing an air purifier bear in mind that it must emit low or no amount of ozone. Sometimes ozone generators are sold in place of air purifiers, so be careful.

Types of Purifiers in India

There are many types of air purifiers in the market. Each air purifier has its own unique features and advantages. The trend of air purifiers is rapidly increasing in India. People are becoming more health and environment conscious, which is why they are investing in items like air purifiers. There are 5 major types of air purifiers available in India.

Ultra Violet (UV) Air Purifier

Everyone knows what UV rays are. People these days know the impact of UV rays on the atmosphere and its dangers on the environment. Many people claim that UV has a negative effect on the environment; However, this is not true for all cases. 

There are a lot of benefits associated with it as well. On the upside, UV rays can also have a positive impact on the atmosphere. UV rays kill harmful bacteria present in the air that may cause health problems in humans. 

Moreover, it also removes pathogens that are harmful for both the air and the humans who inhale that air. Households that are suffering from yeast, viruses, and mould should opt for UV purifiers as they are considered very reliable. Each type of purifier has its own unique advantages and features. As mentioned before, if your house or office is suffering from moulds and viruses, then UV air purifier can offer the best and most effective solution.

Ionic Air Purifier

Ionic air purifier is another very popular type of air purifier in India. The ionic air purifier is considered the most modern way of cleaning air. This is due to the fact that it uses advanced chemical technology to operate. The Iconic air purifier is constructed around ion generators. 

The ion generator sends negatively charged ions. Dust, allergens and other particles carry a positive charge and hence attract negative ions. This exchange causes the particles to become heavy and they fall down. When they fall down, they can be vacuumed or swept off the floor.

These Ionic purifiers are very great in dealing with smoke. So if you live in an area where there is smoke due to any reason then it is crucial for you to get an Ionic air purifier for your house. It is also a great product for factories. Even though the Ionic air purifiers are one of the most advanced forms of air purifiers these purifiers are very cheap when compared with other types of air purifiers available in India. But, the drawback is that these purifiers give out ozone as a byproduct. 

Ozone is a very toxic gas and inhaling it can have very harmful consequences. So you should be very careful when buying these types of purifiers.

Carbon filtration

Carbon filtration is also known as active carbon filter. Carbon filter keeps the home healthy and clean. The outer layer of the filter is powdered black or granular in form. That is the activated carbon; it is very compact in nature. 

The activated carbon filter absorbs a lot of allergens and debris. When the contaminants and the active carbon filter meet a chemical reaction occurs which causes the debris to stick to the filter. The carbon filter is very efficient in removing pet hair, chemicals, dust and other organic materials in the air. Carbon filtration is considered as one of the most effective ways of cleaning air. One of the most unique features of carbon filtration is that they are usually used to remove harmful gasses from a certain region. 

Some experts argue that carbon filtration work on the principles of adsorption which means that instead of absorbing the pollutant, the carbon filtration lets the pollution stick to the carbon. These air purifiers are very popular in India.

Ozone Air purifier

Everyone is taught about the ozone layer in their early stages of school. Ozone is very vital to the earth’s atmosphere. If it weren’t for the ozone layers, mankind would be subject to ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. Therefore in order to protect from UV radiation many purifiers use ozone gas. 

Air purifiers pump ozone into the air, ozone oxidizes anything that comes its way. However there are numerous health concerns regarding ozone as high levels of ozone can cause harmful effects on living beings. It can cause lung problems and even boost your asthma. 

It is also known to boost the rusting of the iron so if the ozone comes in contact with iron it will definitely make it rusty. You have to study the effect of ozone purifiers carefully before you think about getting one for your house. People who are aware of the repercussions and who are knowledgeable enough in the field should be only the only one to use Ozone Air purifiers.

HEPA Air Purifier

These are one of the most famous air purifiers in today’s era. It was first used in the 1950s when the US atomic commission needed a viable solution for small radioactive particles in the air. Afterwards, HEPA filters were made. 

These purifiers have gained popularity in households, hospitals and beauty salons. Their popularity isn’t just limited to India; HEPA air purifiers are famous all over the globe.

HEPA filters use three separate components in order to clear the air of debris and harmful particles. This technology makes HEPA air purifier the best purifier in the market. 

HEPA air purifiers have HEPA filtration technology which makes it a very efficient machine to own. Its amazing and efficient technology ensures that dust particles of all shapes and sizes are dealt with in an efficient and effective manner.

These are five of the major types of air purifiers that are found in India. Most of the brands offer air purifiers based on the principles of these five air purifiers. If you are thinking about getting a new air purifier for your home or your office, then it is crucial for you to perform extensive research. Research is important. 

Research helps you distinguish different brands based on their quality and features. You have to consider many different factors before purchasing an air purifier. In addition to the features of the air purifier you have to consider the climate of the region you live in and you have to consider other factors like nearby factories and other similar buildings. Analyze all the different factors and choose the air purifier type that best suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Question

1). Do Air Purifiers Work in India

In 2016, World Health Organization (WHO) found that 16 of the 20 world’s most populated cities belonged to india.

India has a huge air pollution problem. Certain months are worse than others. In some cities, air pollution has grown to such levels that it has attracted respiratory illnesses in the young and the elderly.

This might explain why the Air Purifier market has grown so rapidly in India. Air Purifiers are devices that remove impurities from the air. They are like sieves that keep the air within a given space clean, pure and free of hazardous.

Most people you encounter today will tell you that Air Purifiers work in India, but only if you can select the right model. The best purifiers should have the capacity to detect harmful gases (NO2, Benzene, etc.), mold spores, and VOCs, to mention but a few.

The capabilities of an air purifier are determined by variables such as the filters used and the air quality sensing system. You are encouraged to get a purifier with a high POLAR or CADR rating.

Some voices have observed that there is very little research exploring the effect Air Purifiers can have on respiratory attacks incited by air pollution in India. But even these individuals who are preaching caution admit that an Air Purifier is the best option for fighting Air Pollution in India at the moment.

2). Should You Run Air Purifiers All Day?

Yes, you can leave your Air Purifier running all day. In fact, you are encouraged to do so. Air Purifiers are designed to remove impurities from the air. But they can only do this when they are active.

Once you switch your air purifier off, the air in that room is going to get contaminated again. It won’t happen immediately. Studies suggest that it can take four hours or less for impurities to corrupt your interior space.

The only way to ensure that the air in your home or office remains pure at all times is to run the air purifier all day. Of course, air purifiers are electronic devices. They need electricity to run.

So you have to take the power consumption into account before choosing to leave the purifier running all day. Make sure you have the financial muscle to contend with the resulting utility bills.

If you’ve done the math and you have concluded that you can afford to make extensive use of your purifier, feel free to leave it on even when you’re not at home or in the office.

3). Should I Sleep with the Air Purifier On?

Yes, you should sleep with the Air Purifier running. Just because you’re sleeping doesn’t mean you’ve stopped breathing. You still need clean air. If anything, a purifier will make your sleep even better.

It does this by removing contaminants that cause allergies and congestion such as dust, mold spores, bacteria and the like. Basically, it will protect you from any external element that causes you to awaken in the middle of the night because of a stuffy nose, shortness of breath, sneezing or any other allergic reaction.

The purifier will keep the air in your bedroom cool and fresh. It is also worth noting that the sound a purifier produces is soothing. This white noise will help you dose off at a faster rate.

Of course, you have to keep the power consumption in mind. It is also imperative that you select your Air Purifier carefully. Consider the contaminants that assault you most frequently, and buy a purifier that is designed specifically to eliminate them.

The most heavily polluted locations require a device with a carbon filter.

4). Can Air Purifiers Be Harmful?

The answer to this question will vary depending on the air purifier. There are people who will argue that purifiers are dangerous because they produce ozone. Ozone is a naturally occurring compound.

Strong concentrations of ozone can attract negative health consequences such as asthma, chest pain, and respiratory infections. Additionally, ozone can affect rubber and paint, causing them to deteriorate at alarming rates.

The companies that make air purifiers have argued that their devices only produce ozone in low quantities that are perfectly safe for humans. They also argue that ozone is only dangerous if it is generated in an enclosed room that permits its concentration to skyrocket.

Some voices in the industry have disputed these claims. Regardless of your opinion on the matter, you have to realize that not all air purifiers produce ozone.

In fact, purifiers that produce the compound are specifically called Ozone generators. They need the ozone they produce to clean the air. HEPA filter-based devices do not have this issue.

They do produce neither ozone nor any other compounds that are considered harmful to human health. They are promoted heavily because they are completely safe.

5). Should I leave My air Purifier On When I am Not Home?

An Air Purifier is like a fridge. It is meant to work all day and all night. However, you’re not wrong to question whether you can leave the device running when you’re not at home.

In an ideal situation, your purifier should be permitted to run continuously, even when you’re not at home. Purifiers are designed to improve the quality of the air in your home.

They do this by removing dangerous particulates. The moment the purifier stops running, the quality of the air in your home begins to deteriorate. This is because the circulation of air has permitted new contaminants to enter the picture.

Only by leaving the purifier running continuously can you hope to keep the air in your home fresh at all times. But there are valid concerns that you must consider.

First of all, you have to worry about the power bill. Secondly, if the purifier produces by-products like ozone, then whoever you leave at home might suffer negative health consequences.

This is why the purifier you choose to buy matters. HEPA Purifiers are great because they are designed to work all day without producing dangerous by-products.

If you have a large space to purify, get POC Air Purifiers. The bigger the space, the less effective the HEPA Purifiers become.


India is one of the most populous countries in the world. It has a population of almost 1.30 billion people.  More people mean more pollution.  Besides that the weather in India is very adverse and due to the adverse weather conditions in India and the decreasing air quality, air purifiers are the need of time. 

Clean air is important for your body and since you can’t purify the air outdoors, the best you can do for yourself at home is getting an air purifier. These purifiers are one of the best you can purchase in India and these air purifiers are the most efficient and effective ones. 

Their byproducts don’t cause damage to the environment and neither do they look odd in your indoor settings. Many brands offer unique and innovative air purifiers in India; However, most of them work on the same principles as mentioned above.

Buying the best and the most effective air purifier isn’t only going to benefit you but it is going to benefit each and every person in the house or the building. Air purifiers are also very good for the environment. 

In recent years, there has been a lot of awareness about the importance of a clean and friendly environment. This has boosted the trend of air purifiers. People tend to buy air purifiers because they have realized its importance. People realize that using air purifiers will help them stay fit and healthy.

Air purifiers let you have that clean air that you have been asking for ages. Gone are the traditional ways of purifying the air indoors, this is the era of modern air purifiers, specifically when you get added benefits of an AC and a heater and a mosquito repellent in some air purifiers, why not take advantage of this offer! 

Now, you have an idea about what to look for in an air purifier. If you’re still using old methods to purify the air, then it’s time to employ newer, better, and more innovative ways.