Best Latex Mattress in India

Best latex mattress in India
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    For a long time, the latex mattress was the luxury mattress alternative; however, they are turning out to be more affordable since currently, there are a lot of online mattress retailers. 

    A latex mattress is made using natural latex derived from rubber trees using the Talalay or Dunlop manufacturing process. The latex hybrid and synthetic mattress have synthetic polyfoams, latex, and other stuff.

    The latex mattress construction features a layer of latex within the comfort layer. Other models have a single latex layer within the support core. Moreover, latex hybrids are constructed using spring support cores and comfort layers of latex.


    The list of top 5 best latex mattress in India

    Mattress Name Read the full review Check price on Amazon
    1. SleepyCat Latex 7 Inch 100% Organic King Size Mattress Read Full Review Check Price
    2. Foamsindia- Natural Portable Latex Mattress Read Full Review Check Price
    3. Boston Organic, Natural Latex Mattress Read Full Review Check Price
    4. HomeTown Green Latex Natural Firm King Size Mattress Read Full Review Check Price
    5. Boston Classic Natural Latex With Memory Foam Mattress Read Full Review Check Price

    Top 5 best Latex mattress in India


    SleepyCat Latex 7 Inch 100% Organic Latex King Size Mattress Review

    Naturally looks cool plus 100% Organic Latex. It’s anti-microbial and hypoallergenic. The Breezy Inner Cover is a specially designed inner netted cover that protects both foam layers and allows adequate airflow for lasting freshness and comfortable rest. The 7 zones are: feet & ankles, lower leg, thigh & knee, hip, lumbar, shoulder & upper back and head & neck. This product is manufactured by India and China.


    • Dimensions: Length (78 inhes), Width (72 inches), Height (7 iniches). Bed size: King.
    • Primary materials: Latex & foam.
    • Fashionable and modern in cream colour.
    • Bed size: King
    • Doesn’t require assembly because the product is delivered pre-assembled state.
    • One of the longest warranties out there! 10 years. The warranty includes the defects of manufacturing but does not cover the expected tear and wear of the mattress and excludes commercial use.
    • 100% Organic Latex which is naturally cool plus it’s anti-microbial and hypoallergenic.
    • Hypoallergenic and anti-fungal.
    • You will feel Medium mattress comfort and material is 2 inch Natural Latex, 5 inch High Density Base Support Foam.
    • This mattress will support 7 Zone such as Naturally Cooling, Breezy Inner Cover, Removable Smart Zipper Cover, Anti-skid Base Fabric, No Harmful Chemicals
    • This mattress will delivered in a box. No bulky deliveries available Direct delivered form factory!


    • This product really helped for pain reliever people. And the comfort it gives was amazing.
    • Sleepy Cat Latex 💯 % Organic Mattress.
    • It provides good body support without disturbing sleeping partner.
    • The mattress is very comfortable, quite natural and airy in summers as well.
    • No Harmful Chemicals added on this mattress.
    • Comfortable mattress, with no heat issues like that of memory foam.
    • Using it from almost 2+ Months Highly recommended Bed 7"Latex matress


    • It is not too bouncy as in King mattress.
    • It's not for people with latex allergy.
    • It had toxic materials and have led to health hazards to your family members.
    • It has right amount of sponginess and keeps you warm in cold climate.

    Final Verdict: This product really helped to relieve back pain for many people so if you have back pain it will help you. And the comfort it gives was amazing. This hypoallergenic and top quality mattress is appropriate for anyone that requires the best for their sleep. If you are not allergic to latex and you can afford to spend a little extra, this is the right choice for you.


    Foamsindia- Natural portable latex mattress review

    The top quality, all natural latex mattress, for every pocket. We match quality with affordability. What more can one ask for? But that’s not all, we reward you with a 10-year warranty because we have absolute faith in our products. Comfortable and healthy sleep for everyone. Try it today and you will see for yourself.


    • Colour – off white
    • Materials: 100 % all natural latex
    • Dimensions – 72 x 30 x 2 inches
    • An exclusive 10-year warranty


    • Quality and very affordable latex mattress
    • Quite airy and does not make you feel hot
    • Durable and with an exclusive 10-year warranty
    • Weighs only 5 kg, portable and easy to use
    • Good packaging and top quality materials
    • Best value for your money


    • It's not for people with latex allergy

    Final Verdict: A high quality, affordable mattress for every pocket. Matched with a 10-year warranty, it’s a win-win. Best value for your money. 


    Boston organic, natural latex mattress review

    100 % pure natural latex with an organic certificate. It’s a pure botanical product. Made with the Dunlop process of production includes pin cores, for increases air flow. Tencel fabric used is more absorbent than cotton, cooler than linen and smoother than silk. Breaths better than foam and it helps to regulate your body temperature through the night. Hypoallergenic and antifungal. Offers support for your body and a light feel at the same time.


    • It is 72 inches long, 60 inches wide and 5 inches thick.
    • Its primary material is rubberized coir.
    • It is maroon in color.
    • It is already assembled by the time it is sold.
    • It requires a queen size bed.
    • It has 2 years warranty.


    • 100 % organic latex
    • Hypoallergenic
    • 5-year warranty
    • Cream colour to protect it from staining
    • Soft feel yet supportive of the body
    • Breathable


    • Not for people with latex allergy
    • Not suitable for every budget

    Final Verdict: This top quality mattress, made from organic latex, offers all the best properties, for good night sleep. Hypoallergenic and comfortable, will keep you cool even in the hottest of nights. If you can spend a little more in investing for a mattress, this is definitely the right choice.


    HomeTown Green Latex Natural Firm King Size Mattress

    As the name suggests, this is a King Size Mattress. It is big enough for a huge bed with the dimensions of 78″ X 72″ X 6″. It is soft and fluffy on touch with that elegant look. The primary material used to make this mattress is latex. Towards the edges, the mattress is seamless which makes it one of the best types of mattresses in the market. The mattress comes with a five-year warranty.


    • The mattress measures 78″ X 72″ X 6″. This proves it is a King Size bed
    • It has been fabricated using Latex as the primary material
    • It is white in color which makes it stand out in a room. Also, color white presents cleanliness
    • It comes with a great design with seamless edges which makes it stylish.
    • The mattress comes with a five-year warranty which proves to you that the mattress is truly legit and built to standards


    • It is big enough to fit in large beds
    • It offers much comfort as compared to spring mattresses
    • Due to its large width, the mattress offers absolute comfort to support your back thus preventing back pain and cushioning your pressure areas.


    • It is quite pricey
    • Some people are allergic to latex hence will not sustain this kind of mattress

    Final Verdict: To sum it up, this latex mattress could be your best shot considering its large stylish and comfortable design. It definitely could spark both your interior decor and your sleep too. 


    Boston Classic Natural Latex with Memory Foam Mattress

    The mattress comes in different sizes but this specifically measures 75” by 35” by 6”. The mattress is made of Organic Natural Latex 100% and extra two-inch memory foam. It comes in grey and white colors. The manufacturer offers a five-year warranty. It has an open cell structure which allows the air to freely move. The mattress has been built to standards as it has an anti-Dust mite and anti-fungal properties.


    • It comes with an extra 2-inch memory foam which adds to the comfortability
    • It is synthesized from Organic Natural Latex 100%
    • It comes in grey and white colors.
    • It has an open cell structure which allows the air to freely move.
    • It comes with a 5 year warranty
    • The mattress has been built to standards as it has an anti-Dust mite and anti-fungal properties


    • It comes with an extra 2-inch memory foam which adds to the comfortability
    • It comes with anti dustmite feature which keeps it free from pests
    • It has been built for Comfort purposes


    • It is a bit smaller for a king size bed

    Final Verdict: In conclusion, this mattress is one of a kind. It has lots of positive reviews from people who have used it. The extra two-inch foam is more of a unique make which makes it even much comfortable. It allows you to make your bed and leave it looking spacious. By just looking at it, it adds to interior bedroom decor.

    What is a Latex Mattress?

    Latex mattresses merge with either reflex foam or springs to create the long-lasting and comforting sleep surface. In the natural form, latex originates from the rubber tree sap and during the early 1900s, Dunlopillo made a discovery of its potential. Dunlopillo is a pioneer in the latex revolution; he is responsible for creating a variety of pillows and mattresses made of latex foam to provide pressure and comfort relief.

    This natural product is sometimes merged with natural fillings to come up with the ideal natural mattress. The fillings are predominant additives, which include zinc and sulfur oxide. Sulfur oxide enables the rubber sap to turn solid, and zinc oxide prevents early oxidation.

    What are the benefits of a Latex Mattress?

    1. Offers great comfort

    Latex mattresses offer the ultimate comfort. When you lay down on the latex mattress for the first time, you get a sinking and soft feeling as well as the supportive buoyant sensation. This feeling and sensation are as a result of latex’s natural springiness.

    2. Leads to pain relief

    In case you have joint or back pain, then a latex mattress will be an excellent solution. A lot of health experts like physical therapists, chiropractors, and osteopaths recommend the latex mattress for relief of pain. This recommendation comes as a result of the cushioning and comfort abilities of latex and also its ability to promoting natural alignment of the spine. In case of pain is a hindrance to your night sleep, latex mattresses will offer the significant help that you require.

    3. Natural dust mites and mold resistance

    You will not need any chemicals to prevent mold and dust mite development, thanks to the natural resistance of latex. Due to this feature, a latex mattress is fit for the warm, humid climates like Singapore’s. Other kinds of mattresses are not resistant to mold and dust mite and may add adverse chemicals to attain resistance. Therefore, latex mattresses are the most compelling alternative for a naturally hygienic and healthy sleeping atmosphere.

    4. Eco-friendly

    When you buy the completely natural latex mattress, you promote the rubber tree growth. Tapping latex sap from the rubber tree does not destroy the tree. Hence, latex mattress production boosts the development of rubber trees. Careful management of the trees is done to ensure the sustainable growth of latex.

    Trees in the plantation extract carbon (iv) oxide from the atmosphere, therefore you are assisting the environment if you buy the latex mattress. The Latex mattress is the only type of mattress that is friendly to the environment. Other mattress types need a plethora of synthetic ingredients and adversely affects the environment rather that than assisting it.

    5. Zero electromagnetic radiation amplification

    A Latex mattress has no metals, which make it highly popular if you want to have sound and safe sleep. On the other hand, metal springs in the spring coil type of mattress amplify the electromagnetic radiation, working like the antenna; this environment is not safe for sleeping on.
    The best feature of the latex mattress is the sleep quality it offers.

    Disadvantages of Latex Mattress?

    1. They are expensive

    The latex mattress has a higher price tag than the standard PU (polyurethane) or spring coil type of mattress. But, in this case, the high cost reflects the additional value. The latex mattress is more long-lasting, and you will offset some of the cost since you will not have to replace the mattress frequently.

    2. Heavy

    The latex mattresses tend to be relatively heavier than other mattress types. All mattresses have different weights depending on their various materials as well as their density. Generally, latex mattresses require additional effort to lift or move. However, this might not be a huge drawback since you will occasionally move or lift the mattress.

    Types of latex mattress

    Latex mattresses are an increasingly popular type of mattress due to their ability to fit your body better than memory foam, along with other advantages. It is more durable, hypoallergenic, resistant to dust mite and also biodegradable, which makes it a greener solution for your nights.

    Two main types of mattress do exist and we’ll see them one by one so you can choose the type of mattress that fits your needs!
    The organic mattress is 100% natural and is using harvested sap from the rubber tree. This sap is known as Havea Brasiliensis and has a texture which can remind the one of milk. The usage of this sap bears the advantage of not including any harsh chemicals in the mattress. This makes your mattress a safer place to sleep, without any risk of toxicity or allergy. 

    The natural latex mattress is also a greener choice, which is always appreciated. This type of sleeping gear will be particularly useful to those suffering from back pain or allergies. Be sure to check that you’re not allergic to latex before making your choice!

    The organic latex mattress is divided between two manufacturing processes :

    The Dunlop process is the oldest one, dating back to the 20’s. It is made from pure latex serum. The Dunlop mattress is not bouncy and is particularly appreciated by those having back pain linked with their nervous system.
    The Talalay process, more recent, is the most luxurious one. It’s main goal is to create an open cell structure through the foam layer. It fits the body very well and benefits from a built-in buoyancy. It also features an excellent ventilation rate, drastically reducing the risks of allergies and the likes. Unlike most foams, this mattress type doesn’t suffer from a heat buildup.
    The other main type of latex mattress is the synthetic one, which is generally cheaper, but comes with some downsides as we will see.
    Even though this type of mattress may be made in various materials, the one we’ll see the most often utilized for this matter is called SBR, also known as Styrene Buradiene Rubber. It is a material that we usually find as a substitute for the natural rubber. 

    Various studies say this plastic type is totally safe to use but there is still controversy surrounding it. We must also bear in mind that not all synthetic latex mattresses are made in this material and that some are clearly more toxic. As a result, one has to make them breath fresh air for some time to let the dangerous chemicals evaporate.
    Another downside of this type of mattress is its durability, which is not as high as the one of a natural latex mattress. It’s springiness is also lower but may vary a bit from a mattress to another.
    This said, you will still get a decent amount of comfort by buying one of these. Like it’s natural counterpart, it stays cool at night while supporting your body in a nice way.
    You will also have to check your mattress of choice twice if you suffer from allergies as not all synthetic latex mattresses are hypoallergenic or resistant to dust mites.

    In the end, the choice of your mattress will depend not only on your budget but also your will to go green and health needs. This is especially true if you have allergies or suffer from back troubles.

    Cost of a Latex Mattress in India.

    Latex mattress is one among the best chosen mattresses from online stores. Price rates of latex mattresses vary according to different factors like size, thickness and product brand. Price rates and qualities of mattresses can be checked from “please check instruction” booklet leaf available with mattress.

    Today a latex mattress of length 72 inches and breadth 36 inches with 4 inches thick can be availed from online store at Rs 22,000. Uniform size is one among the main features that make latex mattress in top form in market. Latex mattress can make spine, head and shoulder to rest in correct position due to preferred uniform size.

    Today, latex mattress can be availed from online stores starting from price rate Rs 2000 from online store. Preventing termite attack holds a key role in promoting health and wellness. Latex mattress, due to nature of material can be used even by people suffering from allergies.
    At present, latex mattress of 75 inches length and 48 inches breadth with width 8 inches can be availed from online store for Rs 35,000. It assures quality sleep and better health to users.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is a latex mattress hot?

    People tend to think that they are feeling hot while sleeping on a latex mattress but that is not the case. If compared to memory foam mattress, latex mattress allows the air to circulate in a better way if it is made from natural latex. The movement on the latex mattress offers the circulation of air when the pores are open up and when they are free they offer air circulation. The latex mattress will offer you a cooler and a breezier sleep as compared to the memory foam mattress.

    Is latex mattress good for side sleepers?

    The latex mattresses are perfect for side sleepers. As the latex mattress are at the medium comfort level and that is why there is popular opinion that if you are a side sleeper, it will give you the desired comfort. The science behind this is that when you are sleeping on a medium comfort level mattress and if you are a side sleeper, the latex mattress provides the better alignment of the spine which eventually helps to reveals pressure from the other parts of the body and that is why the side sleepers must go for the latex mattresses.

    Is latex mattress good for back pain?

    When the latex mattresses are compared with the memory foam mattresses, it tends to show that the latex mattresses are much firmer as compared to the memory foam mattresses and the firmer the mattress, the better it will be for your back pain and it will eventually relieve you. Of course, it is because latex mattress offers medium comfort and that is the best if you have any sort of back pain or spinal related problems as latex mattresses align the spine well while sleeping and that is why over time you will get relief from the back pain eventually.

    Do natural latex mattresses sag?

    All the mattresses tend to sag over the course of time but in this case, latex mattresses are a bit different. The good natural latex mattress will retain its shape and size for more than 20 years. Latex is a very different material through which mattresses are created. They are very sturdy and durable as compared to other type of mattresses through which mattresses are created. It is the biggest benefit that can be the reason for people to buy the latex made mattresses. Memory foam and other mattresses tend to sag in a very less time as compared to latex mattresses.


    Are latex mattresses better than memory foam?

    The answer is no, memory foam mattresses has outperformed latex mattresses in all the ways. The memory foam mattresses tend to give you a better sleep as compared to latex mattresses as it provides better circulation of blood in your body but that only occurs when memory foam mattresses are not made of harsh chemicals. If the memory foam mattress is made of natural substances then only the mattress is beneficial for you otherwise it might be better to take the natural latex mattress but comparing the two, the best choice to take home will be the memory foam mattress.