Do Air Purifiers Improve Sleep

Do Air Purifiers Improve Sleep

People usually tend to highlight the negatives of living in a tech savvy society. However the truth is that technology has helped us live a more healthy and happy life. Take, for example, air purifiers.

We are very lucky to be alive in the time when we have the option of using air purifiers in our homes and offices. The basic function of air purifiers is to clean dust and other hazardous particles from the air. However, that is not the only benefit you get to experience by using an air purifier.

Cleaning the air can be very beneficial for you. It not only helps you breathe better, but also helps in making you sleep better. Once the quality of air in your room increases, you get to sleep better and for longer time.

What’s the Big Deal about Improving Your Sleep

If you work in an office, then chances are that at least once in your career you have met a colleague who had dark circles around her eyes and looked tired. All because they couldn’t sleep the night before. When you ask the reason, they would tell you that there is no specific reason.

They went to bed on their normal time but they haven’t been able to sleep well for a couple of days. This can be because of many reasons. Bad air quality in the room can be one of them.

Studies have shown that people who don’t sleep well are less healthy and thus less productive than people who enjoy a good night’s sleep. It is not just true for workplace but also for educational institutions.  Students who get good sleep show better academic performance. One of the biggest reasons of depression and anxiety in the younger generation is the lack of proper sleep.

There has been extensive research on this matter and research has shown that people who sleep in good quality air get to enjoy a better sleep.

This is a big issue with people that have certain allergies. Dust particles and bad quality air can be very dangerous for them. It causes irritation and loss of breath especially for people suffering from allergies. It is crucial for such people to get an air purifier as soon as possible.

What Causes Problem in Sleeping and How Can Air Purifiers Help

Sleeping problems can be caused by many different reasons but the reason most associated with air purifiers is the dust and other particles in the air.  No matter where you are in the world, you cannot save yourself from certain dust particles in the air. Dust particles can be caused by many different things. They can eventually block your sinus and make it difficult for you to breath.  A blocked nose can be very irritating.  Dust particles can also make their way in your mouth and may eventually cause trouble in breathing from the mouth as well. Any congestion caused at night can cause problems in sleeping. All this eventually makes you less productive during the day.

What Can An Air Purifier Do?

Congestion caused due to dust particles can be very annoying and it might cause problems in sleeping however these problems can be resolved if you have air purifier at your home. Air purifier helps you remove all the dust particles from your room thus creating a healthier environment. When the air around your bed is clean, there will be no dust particles to cause congestion. Your nose and breathing canal will not be blocked and thus you will be able to breathe better. This will help in better flow of oxygen throughout the body.  Once your brain gets enough oxygen, you will sleep better and be more productive in the morning.

Air purifiers can also rid your room of bad odors. Bad odors can also cause you sleeping problems and getting an air purifier that you eliminate these odors is definitely going to help you experience a great sleep. Air purifiers can be of great value if you want to sleep well.  It should be kept in mind that not all air purifiers are good in getting rid of the odors. HEPA air purifiers are the best air purifiers when it comes to catching dust particles. However they don’t do much for the odor. Carbon air purifiers on the other hand are ideal for eliminating odor from your room.

What Type Of Air Purifiers Can Help You Sleep Better?

All air purifiers perform the basic function of cleaning the air of dust particles and creating a more healthy environment. Clean and quality air is crucial for a good sleep. In addition to the normal air purifiers, there are air purifiers that are specifically designed to make you sleep better. These purifiers are sound less so you don’t get disturbed while you sleep. However there are other air purifiers that have a certain soothing sound that let you sleep better. These sounds are called white noise. White noise can help people sleep better. When certain frequencies are mixed together then it creates a soothing and comforting sound that can help you sleep better.  So it is a Win-Win situation for client. Buying such air purifiers will not only give you clean air but also offer a soothing sleeping environment.

There are many different types of air purifiers in the market. All these air purifiers work in a unique way. There is a lot of discussion on what air purifier is best for making one sleep better.   Every brand tries to portray that their brand is the best however it is up to the user. All these air purifiers serve the same purpose. They might offer a lot of unique features but the main function of cleaning the air of dust particles stays the same. HEPA filter technology is considered the best in trapping dust and other particles.   HEPA filters can have amazing effect on your sleep. They can help you sleep a lot better than before.

Should You Keep Your Air Purifier on All Night

This is a very common question asked by air purifier users. Well, to answer this question we can say that there is nothing wrong with keeping the air purifier on all night. That may increase your electricity bill but it will ensure a clean and quality air throughout the night.

If you feel congested every night and can sleep well due to dust particles or a bad odor in your room then instead of going to the doctor to get rid of the congestion, try investing in air purifiers. This would be a better and long lasting investment. It is also important to buy an air purifier according to the size of your room.  A big room demands a bigger air purifier. If you can’t find a big air purifier then you should buy multiple smaller ones otherwise it will not be of any benefit to you.  Small air purifier in a large room isn’t going to catch all the dust particles and you might still have trouble sleeping. In addition to that try to keep the air purifier away from you as the air purifier attracts dust particles, you don’t want those dust particles near you. So try to place the purifier on other side of the room so that it attracts all the dust particles towards itself. All this will help you enjoy a soothing sleeping experience. Clean and quality air will help you sleep like a baby and thus you will be more productive in the morning.

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