Do Air Purifiers Work For Mold

Do Air Purifiers Work For Mold?


Air purifiers are one of the best technologies to ever grace the modern market. They are crucial in providing clean air which helps in creating a healthier environment. These days there is so much pollution in the world that it is crucial for people to have air purifiers in their homes and office buildings. You need to have an air purifier for every room of your house considering that you use that room regularly.

The room you sleep in should definitely have an air purifier. Air purifiers can help clean the air of all the dust particles that can cause problems to you while you sleep. It can cause congestion and also cause skin problems if you stay in the room for longer periods of time.  In addition to dust particles air purifiers can be very effective against mold spores in the air.

How Do Molds Affect Out Body?

It is very common for houses to have mold spores in the air. These mold spores can vary in sizes. Some of them can be microscopic and cannot be seen with a naked eye while others can grow as large as a small ball. They are mostly found in urban areas that are near factories or roads with heavy traffic. The dust and smoke from the traffic and the road enters the house and causes mold spores. These spores are very dangerous. A lot of people don’t realize this but mold spores can affect your lungs. If they are not controlled then in the long run they can even cause asthma and other breathing problems.

These mold spores can also enhance your allergies and make your lungs feel agitated. You will feel irritated by the mold but what you will not realize is that these mold will over time damage your skin and cause many other problems.

Air purifier can be used to get rid of these molds. The best thing about using air purifiers to clean molds is that they not only clean the molds from the air but they also absorb the bad odor caused by the molds thus creating a refreshing environment for all the residents.


Can Air Purifiers Do The Job On Their Own?

We should try to address the elephant in the room. Many experts and even air purifier companies believe that air purifiers only act as a supporting tool for cleaning mold spores from the air.  They cannot be considered the single source of cleanliness for the mold spores.

You have to identify the source of the mold. Molds are caused by dampness on specific areas and things like mattresses. These molds then release spores in the air which are very harmful if someone breathes them. You might only feel slight irritation at the beginning but overtime the problem may increase and you might feel more irritated.

How Effective Are Air Purifiers against Mold Spores

HEPA air purifiers with activated carbon filter can be ideal for combating mold spores however everyone who has every used an air purifier will tell you that air purifiers cannot completely get rid of mold spores. You have to work on identifying the source of the mold spores as soon as possible. Only then will you be able to reap all the benefits of the air purifier. If you don’t get it at the source it will keep coming back. So it is very important to see if there is a damp mattress or any other dampness in the room that is causing the molds.

The air purifiers might not be able to completely eliminate the mold spores but they can very effectively control it. They can keep it in a certain location and stop it from spreading throughout the room or other rooms of the house.  It can also help in keeping the mold spores small so that they can be easily captured by the air purifiers.  It is very important to keep these mold spores small as smaller mold spores are easier to catch and air purifiers are ideally designed to catch smaller dust particles and mold spores. Unfortunately mold spores can grow very large and may not get captured by the air purifier which is a problem. This is why air purifiers that come with antimicrobial features should be preferred over other types of air purifiers.

What Type of Air Purifier Is Best For Catching Mold Spores

Like dust particles, mold spores can also be trapped by air purifiers however you might need specialized air purifiers to catch mold spores.  Mold spores can vary in size. HEPA air purifiers are considered the best air purifiers when it comes to catching dust particles and mold spores.  HEPA air purifies can even trap particles that are around 0.3 microbes in size. So they are an ideal option for catching mold spores. When you head out to buy an air purifier, don’t forget to familiarize yourself with all its features. You need to buy an air purifier that has the ability to kill the mold spores before they grow into bigger spores. There are certain air purifiers available in the market that have antimicrobial properties. These properties help in killing the small mold spores before they turn into huge molds.

Where HEPA air purifiers are ideal for catching mold spores of different sizes carbon air purifiers are ideal for getting rid of the odor. Sometimes the mold can release really bad smell that can make breathing difficult. This is why many people use air purifier with an activated carbon filter. Activated carbon absorbs all the bad smell caused by the mold spores and makes the room smell fresh and breathable.

In short the best air purifier for trapping mold spores is the one that has all three of the following features;

  • They have a HEPA filter installed
  • They have a  germicidal UVC Light
  • They have an activated carbon filter.

HEPA Filter for Catching Mold Spores

HEPA filters are ideal to catch mold spores of all different sizes. As mentioned earlier mold spores aren’t like dust particles. They can keep on coming if the source isn’t destroyed and overtime they can grow in size. HEPA Filter is known to catch particles of varying sizes.

Germicidal UVC Light

The germicidal UVC light can inhibit the growth of mold spores. Not only does germicidal UVC light stop new molds from growing out of damp areas, it also helps to stop the growth of existing mold spores already present in the air.  This is a very crucial feature as relatively larger mold spores are going to become difficult for even the HEPA filters to catch. So to stop the reproduction of mold spores, you have to get an air purifier that has germicidal UVC light feature.

Activated Carbon Filter

Who doesn’t know about the benefits of activated carbon? Activated carbon is very beneficial for many different reasons. It addition to protecting our skin, activated carbon can absorb odor of the mold spores. Mold spores can sometimes release a very pungent smell which can make it difficult to breath and sleep in that respective room.


So in order to enjoy fresh and clean air that doesn’t smell bad, you need to get an air purifier that has all three of the above mentioned features. If you have already identified the source of the mold then you should get rid of the source and use the air purifier in the room after getting rid of the dampness. Don’t forget to use an air purifier that resonates with the size of the room.

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