Best hair regrowth products in India

Best hair regrowth products in India to stop hair fall (How I stopped hair fall and started regrowing new hair)

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If you are looking for the best hair regrowth products in India, you are in the right place.

In sleep arena, we know how hair effect your sleep. If you are losing hair and going bald that will ruin not only your sleep but your daily life. For Indians, hair is the most important thing for beauty. And, people will make fun of your hair if it’s start thinning. That happened with me and I am sure it’s happened with everyone. So, if you are loosing hair start taking care of it right now.

Specially for men, hair fall is a big concern and regular hair fall may turn to baldness; For women, thinning hair hampers their look and hampers the way they used to style the hair.

I got androgenetic alopecia myself, and I had a hair transplant a few months ago.

I have transplanted 3000 grafts of hair in my front hairline as I had excessive receding hairline. It was level two baldness.

So, you may say, you had a hair transplant that means you will never need to worry about your hair, right? As, they usually take transplanted hairs from safe areas, like the back and side of the head. And those hairs are DHT blocked.

And true, if you have a healthy diet and do regular exercises, you should never worry about the DHT blocked hairs. They hardly fell.

But my real concern is the hair that is not DHT blocked. My previous hairs.

I was still losing those, and it was going thinner.

I had to do a lot of research to find out the best products to stop my hair fall.

On this post, I will tell you my hair regrowth story. How I stopped my hair fall, and start regrowing my hair.

This is a journey, so this post will always be updated. So, remember to check it back now and then to find new updates.

Best hair regrowth products in India


The number one product I am using to regrow my hair is Minoxidil. It’s an FDA approved medicine. And trust me, it’s work like a charm!

I am using Minoxidil for the last 5 months and it decreases my hair fall. Though it took like 2-3 months to help my hair. Besides stopping hair fall, I am also experiencing hair regrowth. As because I am using a lot of other hair treatments, it’s hard to say how many hairs I am gaining for minoxidil.

But I can say that it’s working because I tried to stop using it for 3-4 consecutive days, which increased my hair fall.

There has some fabulous good sides of minoxidil and there has a few bad sides as well.

I researched the Internet, and I have found some people having some kind of side effects after using it, like – irritations, redness and burning on the scalp.

Fortunately, I have found no side effects. But if you are facing any, you should consult with your doctor. And if you have any serious health condition like diabetes, low or high blood pressure, you should use minoxidil only after consulting with a specialist. Though, minoxidil is a medicine of high blood pressure, but if you are taking some medicines for blood pressure, it may combine with minoxidil and lower your blood pressure in a dangerous level.

You can buy the minoxidil I use from amazon clicking here.


Finasteride is another FDA approved medicine for hair fall but I am not using it.

It definitely works! I have seen many people using it for the last few years and had no problem but their hair fall stopped and they got new hairs.

Then why I am not using it?

The main reason to not taking finasteride is its side effects which includes but not limited to – impotence, lower sex libido, irregular ejaculations.

You may ask if it has such serious side effects then why the FDA approved it? On the research of Finasteride, it’s found only 2% people facing such issues but 98% seeing amazing hair growth. Also, the side effects are not permanent. If you stopped taking finasteride, it will be 100% fit within a few weeks or months.

Saw Palmetto

As, I am not using a DHT blocker like Finasteride because I want to stay away from those sexual side effects; I need some medications that can block DHT.

My doctor prescribed me Finasteride! I have taken four 1mg pills, and after that I found some horrific articles online like this one life ruined by finasteride. I got frightened and immediately stopped taking it.

I searched on google if there is any better alternative of finasteride and I have found Saw palmetto which is as good as Finasteride and without almost any side effects.

Though, saw palmetto was used to decrease symptoms of prostate cancer, later it founds that it helps to control DHT like finasteride. But in another way. While finasteride is a medicine made in a lab, saw palmetto is organic made from a plant extract. Thus, naturally saw palmetto has almost no side effect.

There is another benefit of saw palmetto is you can take it by mouth in form of supplements like finasteride also it comes in topical form like serum, shampoo, etc. Though oral supplements works best.

On research by journal of alternative and complementary medicine, it’s found that finasteride works better than saw palmetto as saw palmetto helps regrowing hair on 38% of people while finasteride worked on 68%.

Now, how I am using Saw palmetto? Though I have a plan to use the saw palmetto supplements as its work better but at the moment I am using a hair serum that contains saw palmetto and some other great components for hair like collagen peptides, biotin and ginseng.

So, I am using it topically once a day. Just before going outside at the morning.

Though I use it on the scalp still this serum helps me to maintain shiny hairs.

You can buy the saw palmetto supplement from amazon by clicking here or you can buy the hair serum I am using from amazon clicking here.

Derma Rolling

I think Derma rolling is the best hair growth method because if you can use it properly it doesn’t have any side effect like other hair medications but it brings a great result.

A derma roller contains a lot of needles that you push on your head. So, it’s a bit painful process but don’t afraid it’s not that much painful to worry about. I use 0.5mm derma roller, which is nearly not painful.

Derma rolling works in three ways:

1. It produces more collagen and thus supports the growth stage inside the hair follicle.

2. It also improves blood flow on your head, which helps to grow new hair.

3. It helps to open the pores of your scalp. So, the medications you use like minoxidil and hair serum may bring a better result as your scalp can absorb those better.

There is almost no side effect of finasteride if you keep it clean and sterilized. I use 99% isopropyl alcohol to keep it clean. Just put your derma roller for 20-30 minutes on the alcohol before and after using it. Also make sure you using best quality derma rollers so you can use it more than once. I use this derma roller and use it twice a week for 2 months.

DHT blocking Shampoo

Make sure you are not using those commercial shampoos you see on TV that promise to stop hair fall but does opposite.

Also, use natural DHT blocking shampoo like Morpheme remedies. Don’t trust all of those onions based shampoos.

Morpheme remedies come with all natural DHT blockers like apple cider vinegar, shea butter, castor oil, almond oil, tea tree oil, jojoba oil and silk protein. The best thing is, it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals like sulfate, paraben or silicon.

And also, it takes time to show its effects. Thanks to natural components. They won’t stop hair fall in the first wash. It requires a minimum 4 months of regular use. Also, you have to use other hair products mentioned in this article. It guarantees a great result!!

But, there has few more points to be noted.

If you got a dry scalp, a conditioner is a must. My scalp is too oily. So, I hardly use conditioner. But, if your scalp is dry, make sure you use the conditioner by Morpheme itself.

Here is a link to the conditioner – Morpheme hair conditioner.


At the moment, I am using three supplements. Ashwagandha powder, Omega-3 fish oil and astaxanthin supplements. Not each of them may directly help your hair, but they will help you to have a great health to prevent almost every health issue.

Bad health means bad hair. So, this is very important. Now let me explain how each of these supplements may help your hair.

One reason for hair falls is stress, that’s where Ashwagandha helps. A study conducted by PubMed Central reported that it blocked the stress pathways in the brain of rats by regulating chemical signals in the nervous system and anxiety disorders.

There has many more health benefits of ashwagandha what you can read clicking here.

Omega-3 has anti-inflammatory properties, helps to open hair follicles, promotes hair growth and compensates for daily hair loss. In addition, omega-3 is a healthy fat, which prevents dryness and scaly scalp.

There has many more other health benefits of Omega-3 fish oil which you can read on this article.

Astaxanthin on the other hand has several health benefits that you can read here. But how does it help the hair?

Astaxanthin has two properties that help hair growth. First, it has anti-inflammatory properties like omega-3. You know how that helps your hair. It is also a natural inhibitor called 5-alpha-reductase. Because it is so powerful antioxidants and a natural 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor, it can reduce the level of DHT, which is the main culprit of those who face hair loss.

Natural remedies

With the products mentioned above some natural treatments are also important to stimulate your hair growth. 

I will not mention something like onion or lemon, those may work but who has the patience to make these things everyday and wait for the result after 2 years? Who knows, you may lose all of your hair within that time!!

Hair massage

Do hair massage daily with your hand for 3-5 minutes everyday. That will reduce tension from the scalp so it can absorb the medications easily.

It will also increase the blood flow on your scalp, which is very important. Because if you have DHT issue, then the nutritions you taking may not reach your scalp. The massaging helps those nutritions to reach your head. 

This is also highly recommended using Jamaican black castor oil while massaging your head. What I did is adding rosemary essential oil with it. Just make sure you are not adding over 2% of the essential oil with the castor oil.

Why Jamaican black castor oil but not any other oil? Because Jamaican black castor oil is rich in Omega 9 fatty acids, rare ricinolein fatty acids and antioxidants. This means that Jamaican black castor oil can turn hair into strong, thick hair. Improves the condition of the hair, prevents damage and breakage of the hair. Loss to make your hair brighter and stronger. In the case of hereditary hair loss, the result will not be so obvious, although Jamaican black castor oil will still do its job, contributing to more hair strength.

Final Verdict

I use several things to stop hair fall and regrow hair. If you find it’s too many for you, then I will recommend you to change your shampoo with natural DHT blocking shampoo, use a good minoxidil and a high quality derma roller. Must change your lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle. Avoid outside foods and sugar. Drink 3-4 ltr water. Do regular exercises. If you don’t want to go to the gym, just walk for 30 minutes daily