Best pillow for sleeping in India

Pillow is essential for having a correct posture during your sleep. It will provide support for your head and neck while assuring that your spinal cord is aligned and will offer you comfort. These two are important factors for improving your sleep quality, which will help your overall health. Sleeping well is essential for a healthy life. Your sleep must be comforting and resting. To achieve this, you should pay attention to the right pillow for you. You may have experienced sleeping on another pillow or one which is not right for you and you saw how unpleasant can be.

A pillow that is not suited for you can cause you discomfort, disruptions during your sleep, making you feel tired in the morning. This happens because the pillow doesn’t support your neck well and head and makes you uncomfortable. You should know that an unsupportive pillow can cause severe health conditions such as feel numbness in your shoulder, worsen headaches, or back pains. A pillow that offers you proper support will keep your spinal cord aligned and relieves tensions from your joints and muscles. It helps your body reduce the pressure it is put every day and restores it.

An old pillow can cause your allergies. In time, a pillow will retain dust and other allergens such as fungus spores. These pollutants found in your pillow will lead to allergies or worsen asthma. Pillows must be replaced from time to time to not expose yourself to these allergenic factors.

A right pillow for you will offer you comfort, as we mentioned earlier. A comfortable pillow will improve your sleep, and you will feel better in the morning, being able to function correctly, ready for a new day. Even if you are aware or not, a pillow can make your day better. If you don’t feel this way and instead you feel that your body is sore after the night sleep, this is a sign that your pillow is not right for you, and you should change it.

We spend one-third of our time sleeping on a pillow. Maybe you never thought about this, but this is the truth. This is why you should pay extra attention to it and find the right type for you, depending on the position in which you sleep every night. 

To determine which is the best pillow for you, you have to take into consideration what kind of sleeper you are. In the following lines, we will talk about the main sleeping positions and the right type of pillow for each one.

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    Types of pillows in India

    Getting a great night’s sleep is extremely important for your health. Sleep aids your brain and body function properly. A good night’s rest can enhance your decision-making, memory, learning, and even your creativity. Additionally, getting adequate sleep has been associated with a lower risk of obesity, stroke, diabetes, and heart disease. Despite all these benefits, sleep quantity and quality are at an all-time low, and more individuals are increasingly suffering from poor sleep. You should note that good sleep often begins with good sleep habits and practices. One way of ensuring great sleep practices is by having a comfortable pillow. Below are the top 5 most popular pillows you can buy in India.

    • Fiber Pillow

    The right pillow is crucial for a good night’s rest. As you nod off, you want your head to be cradled in the best position, and also stay relaxed the whole night. Fiber pillows high-quality fiber is very supportive and also designed to rival other pillows. In addition to being tremendously comfy, fiber pillows are also resilient, thus offering constant support levels across the entire pillow. These pillows also tend to stay cooler compared to other types of pillows as they don’t retain as much heat.


    • Compostable and biodegradable

    • Safe

    • Cruelty-free (fiber pillows contain no animal products)

    • Cooler than many types of pillows like memory foam

    • Odor-free


    • Expensive compared to other pillow types

    Bottom Line

    Fiber pillows come in varying sizes. Your personal preferences, the size of your pillowcases, and the size of your bed should play a part in your final selection. They are fluffy and soft like a feather, don’t trap moisture or sweat, don’t clump, and aim to keep you fresh through the night. However, they appear to be more expensive than other pillows.

    • Memory Foam

    Memory foam pillows are your best option if you prefer strong support without sacrificing too much softness. This type of pillow conforms to your shoulders, neck, and head in a way that gently envelops you without making you feel too rigid. Memory foam is also perfect for individuals with shoulder and neck pain or tensions. Memory foam is designed to fold according to heads shape, providing firm support throughout the night. They don’t require washing and are also hypoallergenic. The problem is that they are dense and firm and absorb heat at night, which can be uncomfortable for some people. Our advice is only to choose memory foam if you really want a supportive and firm pillow.


    • Doesn’t require fluffing

    • Doesn’t clump

    • Offers good support


    • Builds up and retains body heat

    • No loft adjustment

    • Isn’t malleable/moldable

    • Chemical odor

    Bottom Line

    Memory foam pillows self-adjust as you move during sleep. These pillows come in various sizes and shapes and are designed to bounce back to their normal form at different speeds.

    • Down Pillow

    Pillow choice is very significant for getting a quality night’s rest. You should choose a pillow that meets your criteria for temperature neutrality, softness, thickness, and other factors affecting sleep duration and quality. Down pillows are mainly perfect for individuals who prefer exceptionally soft surfaces. A down pillow is mainly filled with the down (or soft internal plumage) of geese or ducks; the down fill can be enhanced with rougher outer feathers, for reinforcing the pillow’s support. Other types of pillows are 100 percent down. A pillow is considered down if it’s filled with less than 25% feathers and at least 75% down. Down pillows containing feathers typically have them make up the pillow core with down covering them to ensure a soft surface. However, they tend to be expensive and can lack satisfactory loft and support, especially for bigger individuals.


    • It is very durable.

    • Pillow with down filling holds its shape longer, thus providing better support to neck and head.

    • Down pillow filling is soft and light.


    • Down pillow filling absorbs and retains heat from the body, which makes it feel warm.

    Bottom Line

    Down pillows are often softer, cuddlier, and more moldable compared to other pillows. They tend to be comfortably warm, durable, quiet, lightweight, and possibly suited for all sleep positions.

    • Polyester Pillow

    Also known as Poly-fil, Polyester pillow is the cheapest option in this list. Unfortunately, polyester pillows tend to flatten after a while and don’t last long compared to other pillows. What is more, polyester products are made using doubtful chemicals and are big contributors to environmental pollution. For these reasons, we do not recommend them except in instances where you have a tight budget.


    • It is lightweight.

    • This filling is easy to clean.

    • It is inexpensive.


    • Potentially hazardous to your health and the environment

    • The issue of clumping shortens its life span.

    • It requires frequent readjustments.

    Bottom Line

    In addition to being the cheapest pillow type, polyester pillows are also machine-washable, snuggleable, soft, and lightweight.

    • Feather Pillow

    Feather pillows are famous among many people because of their ability to stay cool and also feel outstandingly soft. The types of pillows in this grouping are filled with double materials: the softer inner plumage (known as �down’) and the coarse outer plumage of geese or ducks (known as �feathers’). Feathers are used in the center to provide extra stability and support while down is mostly used to cover the edges of the pillow. Feather pillows are perfect for people with other types of pillows to be excessively firm and hot. However, these pillows don’t provide the same levels of pressure relief and comfort as pillows made from other materials, like latex or memory foam. Feathers might also cause allergies in some people.


    • Sustainable (down is a renewable resource that is recyclable and biodegradable)

    • Light and cuddly

    • Cheap


    • Difficult to clean

    • Requires regular fluffing to maintain its loft due to the quills flattening

    • Lingering and unpleasant odor.

    Bottom Line

    A comfier pillow that tends to be more comfortable and squashier. If you choose this pillow, purchase a down pillow, which uses feathers from the fluffier, softer layer beneath a bird’s feathers; these tend to be more luxurious and softer.

    Best pillow by sleeping position

    • Best Pillow for Back Sleeper

    If you used to sleep lying on your back, a thin, firm and flat pillow is the best choice for you. It will provide your spinal cord, neck and head the adequate support. A wedge pillow is suitable for back sleepers. You can choose a memory foam pillow. You should also know that sleeping on the back is the best position for spinal alignment, but unfortunately, it is not a popular option, only 10% of people using to sleep laying on their back.

    • Best Pillow for Side Sleeper

    The ones who use to sleep on a side need a contoured pillow, firm, with adequate height for assuring good support of the head, neck, and spine. The height of the pillow must be around 4-5 inches for proper support. The thickness must be medium, allowing their head to be aligned with the spine. Side sleepers are also advised that they also use a regular pillow between their thighs, for a better posture of the spinal cord during sleep. This way will not feel in the morning that the back is strained from this sleeping position. This is a very popular position for sleeping, nearly 70% of people prefer it. The good news is that is a recommended position for those who experience back pain.

    • Best Pillow For Front Sleeper

    For the ones who use to sleep on their stomach is recommended a soft, thin pillow. This type of pillow is best for them because it will prevent the head to elevate too much during sleep and put a strain on the neck. A thin pillow will assure that the spinal cord is aligned correctly and the sleeping posture is the right one. Also, if you are a front sleeper, you may consider place a regular pillow underneath your stomach to keep your spinal cord in the best alignment, preventing back pains.

    If you don’t have a preferred position during your sleep and you switch from one to another during the night, the best pillow for you is one that has different types of fillers. These fillers will allow you to use it easily in any position, depending on your specific needs.

    Depending on the type of sleeper you are, you should choose the best pillow for you. The best pillow will assure that your spine is aligned while feeling comfortable. Sleeping is crucial for a healthy life, and the pillow can make the difference between a night of good sleep and a bad one. Researchers have found out that if you feel discomfort during your sleep, you can lose up to an hour of sleep per night. And this is very much. Even if you don’t realize every disruption during your sleep, they can add up and contribute to a restless night. When you change your pillow, you should give it at least one week to accommodate it. Also, you don’t have to forget that your pillow must be replaced once per year for not risking allergies.

    Choosing the best pillow for you will improve not only your sleep but also your daily activities. With the right pillow, you can rest all night without disruptions and keep your body in a correct posture during your sleep. You will feel better in the morning, energized, and ready for a new day. Choose your right pillow according to your sleeping position and you will be amazed by the benefits it will provide you in the long term, improving your overall health.