Best sleep products to help you sleep in India

Best sleep products in India
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    Mattress for good sleep

    After a long hectic day, all we truly want and deserve is a good night’s sleep. Poor sleep quality not only declines our productivity but also affects our overall health. 

    That is why a comfortable mattress is crucial for our well-being. Having adequate amounts of undisturbed sleep ensures a positive long-term effect on your well-being. 

    However, one of the major challenges affecting this ability is the damaged, uncomfortable, or old mattresses most of us are sleeping on. 

    If you are starting to forget when you purchased your mattress, perhaps it is time to throw away the old one and invest in a high-quality mattress to enhance your overall well-being. Below are 5 surprising ways your mattress affects your sleep and health.

    The Right Mattress Relieves Pains and Aches

    Upwards resistance of the mattress and unbalanced downward gravity can mis-align your form and body pressure points whenever you lie down in a particular position for a long time. 

    As a result, your joints might ache as you move them and feel sore. Sleeping on an uncomfortable bed often develops neck pain, hip pain, and back pain. 

    A quality mattress ensures a healthy sleep posture and provides proper support to your body.

    • Restful Sleep Eliminates Anxiety and Stress

    The comfortable mattress enhances your sleep quality, and surprisingly, you feel surrounded by positive energy. Sleeping on an uncomfortable and old mattress can lead to stress buildup. 

    Serious repercussions can happen if you continue getting inadequate sleep. You might experience increased tension or anxiety, and confusion may set in. 

    Long-term sleep disturbances and stress might lead to depression or other mental issues. 

    You can evade all these issues by investing in a mattress that perfectly suits your sleep needs.

    The Right Mattress Enhances Life Quality

    A comfortable mattress not only improves your snooze, but it also transforms your life. 

    Without any doubt, a quality night performs wonders for you. It improves your productivity, performance, and memory, thus elevating your life quality. 

    Sleep deprivation interferes with every part of your life. It affects your circadian rhythm. Also, it weakens our metabolism, which leads to obesity and weight gain. 

    A comfy mattress can turn your whole life around when sleeping correctly.

    How A Bad Mattress Can Ruin the Sleep

    Worn-Out Mattress Increases Allergy Risk

    Having an old mattress mostly contributes to allergies. Imagine hundreds of dust mites hidden inside the mattress, eating off your body oil and dead skin cells. Old foams are heaven for dust mites. 

    And, do you know dust mites are the primary cause of most skin allergies and asthma? 

    Allergies are a real threat to individuals with asthma risk or sensitive skin. Older people, children, or anybody with a weak immune system are at higher risk and must ensure allergen-free quality mattresses.

    Creaking Beds Are Causes for Chronic Back Pain

    Worn-out springs of an old mattress produce creaking noises. They are a clear sign of poor support and frequently lead to dull pains and aches. 

    The coils distort your natural spinal alignment when they are not able to support your weight properly. 

    As a result, a lot of pain frequently develops around the neck and back area. If you keep using the sagging mattresses, terrible aches and pains may develop and persist. 

    This affects your sleep quality intensely, and you wake up tired, lacking any energy.


    humidifier for adding moisture

    Staying warm during winter comes at a cost, and we do not mean your heating bill. Nosebleeds, scratchy throats, itchy eyes, and flaky skin are just some of the symptoms that kick in when you fire up your home’s radiators or furnace for the season. 

    However, winter’s discomforts should not keep you up at night. There is a perfect way to suddenly improve house air quality for a more comfortable night’s rest. All you need is a humidifier. 

    Since they produce moisture, humidifiers aid to get rid of the dry air that can cause inflammation, irritation, and pain in your throat and nose come winter.

    For instance, the nose is an extremely efficient humidifier. The air that gets to our lungs needs to be humid, or we might end up feeling very uncomfortable. 

    But in an extremely dry room, even the nose has a limit. The ability of the nose to hydrate the air gets overwhelmed. 

    As a result, you might end up with nosebleeds, a sore throat, and common cold symptoms such as a stuffed nose, since dry air rises mucus production and keeps it thick.

    Additionally, your throat is more susceptible to infection when it’s dried out. 

    Dry mucous membranes in the throat and nose make it hard for the membranes to trap the germs from entering into your lungs. In summary, adding moisture back into the air:

    • Decreases the chance of nosebleeds

    • Reduces symptoms of flu, cold, or asthma

    • Prevents dry throats and nasal passages that can make you more vulnerable to infection

    • Help keep the respiratory tract moistened and comfortable

    By using a humidifier, you are assured a better sleep and waking up refreshed. This is the reason why room humidifiers are an excellent choice and perfect equipment to introduce into your life.

    Bottom Line

    When using a humidifier, it is essential to keep track of moisture levels in your house. Too much vapour or dirty mist can work against you and cause respiratory problems or trigger allergies. Buying a small humidity monitor might be helpful. Last, ensure to follow your humidifier’s cleaning guidelines to avoid mold and use filtered water if possible.

    Sleep Eye mask

    Sleep Eye mask for peaceful sleep

    Most people have some trouble trying to fall asleep. There are numerous ways to help yourself sleep, but none of them is as natural or straightforward to use as a sleep mask. 

    Some prescription medications can offer temporarily help, but it gives you an unnatural rest and can be addictive. Lack of sleep at night can make you get worried. 

    There is a very simple solution that truly works for most people. A sleep mask, which is simply a very comfortable blindfold, can enhance sleep in many ways.

    The first and perhaps the most obvious benefit of wearing a sleep mask is its ability to block light. The two biggest distractions when we are trying to sleep is light and noise. Light, even moonlight, can prevent individuals from attaining an uninterrupted and quality sleep.

    A sleep mask not only can it block the normal sources of light at our homes such as televisions and lamps, but also natural light like the moon and sun. Also, your alarm clock or other electronics contain small LED light, that can also cause distress too and might keep you awake at night. 

    If your roommate or spouse likes reading or watching television at night, that won’t be an issue if you own a comfortable sleep mask for blocking the light.

    However, you might have problems with waking up early in the morning, as the brain releases the ‘waking’ hormone (cortisol) when your eyes sense light in the morning. If you lack that natural wake-up call, you may find it hard to rise and shine.

    Bottom Line

    Obviously, an eye mask that irritates your skin or is too tight around your head will end, causing discomfort. Thus, when shopping for a mask, ensure it fits properly and feels good. You can also buy sleep masks that have aromatherapy properties like camomile scents and calming lavender, which will aid reduce stress and help you fall asleep more easily. Also, it is advisable to consult your doctor before using an eye mask if you suffer from any eye issues such as glaucoma.



    Pillow for the body at rest for comfort

    Generally, getting a satisfactory amount of sleep is a crucial factor in living a healthy lifestyle. Getting a quality night’s sleep will require a person to have optimal sleeping conditions. 

    Having a pillow that satisfies the needs of the user is one of the critical factors towards getting a perfect night’s rest. Most individuals are unaware that pillows serve a very vital role in when it comes to sleep. 

    Since pillows play a significant role during sleep, they might have a substantial effect on your overall well-being and your sleep quality.

    Resting your head on a pillow while sleeping serves two main functions. A pillow provides support to the upper back and neck area, thus providing a better level of comfort. 

    Providing support for your upper back and neck is the most crucial role that the pillow needs to fulfil in while you’re sleeping. We require this support when in bed because our spine is naturally curved. 

    When you are buying a pillow, it’s advisable to keep both factors in mind, as they will play a role in the quality of your sleep.

    Having comprehensive support for your neck and head ensures the proper alignment of the spine. 

    Lacking adequate support while sleeping will not only result in stiffness in your neck and back, but it can also harm your sleep. 

    A great pillow will not only help you to avoid neck and back problems, but it will also improve the overall quality of your sleep.

    Bottom Line

    Not only are pillows great for the role they play in our bedroom’s, but it’s also vital to have a pillow that satisfies your personal needs. When you are shopping for a pillow, make support the key deciding factor to ensure you get a pillow that will provide the most benefits.

    White Noise Sound Machine

    White Noise Sound Machine great night’s sleep

    There’s nothing better than waking up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day after a great night’s sleep. In addition to feeling rejuvenated the next morning, there are numerous benefits of a good night’s rest. It can ward off depression and keep your heart healthy. 

    However, if you are facing difficulties falling asleep or you keep on waking up at night, most sleep experts recommend trying a white noise sound machine.

    White noise is when a broad spectrum of sound waves frequencies gets combined, forming a similar sound to the continuous hum created by a fan when it is blowing air. 

    White noise machines can play white noise in a loop or generate their own. White noise sound machines are rapidly becoming a popular way to aid the brain and body relax for a great night’s rest. Below are four ways white noise can benefit your sleep:

    • Keeps your bedroom quiet.

    You require an optimal sleep environment for optimal sleep. Regardless of your sleep situation or surroundings, white noise buffers disturbing sounds, creating a quiet cocoon.

    • Helps you build a bedtime ritual.

    It is an excellent idea to establish a routine before bed (both for adults and children), especially if you face difficulties trying to fall asleep. Make sleeping hygiene a habit!

    • Shuts down your busy brain.

    Ever had difficulties trying to fall asleep as your worries are keeping you awake or your to-do list won’t stop buzzing in your head. White noise can be the solution. There is a reason why some individuals use it when meditating.

    • You’ll sleep more soundly.

    You might not be aware of how many times you wake at night due to interruptions. But even though you can’t remember the next morning, those small interruptions affect your sleep quality. So, give white noise a try, and you will always wake up feeling more relaxed.

    Bottom Line

    If you are struggling with general restlessness, anxiety, or insomnia at night and looking for a way to better your sleep without using any supplements or pills, there is no excuse not to try out white noise sound machine. It is a cheap non-invasive treatment without any known side-effects. White noise is the most exceptional and among the most straightforward techniques to enhance your sleep quality.

    Amazon Echo Dot

    Amazon Echo Dot for asking questions

    It can be challenging trying to nod off when you have lots of things running in your head. I Should have done that differently? Did I remember to feed the goldfish this week? Did I remember to reply to that email? Asking yourself such questions is enough to destruct your sleep, especially if you have sleeping problems. 

    Fortunately, Amazon Echo Dot can help ease your mind and help you fall asleep much faster.

    Alexa, the Amazon Echo bot helps you fall asleep by using relaxation sounds and guided meditation to clear your mind. The bot may even read bedtime stories to your children to help them get to sleep faster. Here’s is some examples on how to get started using Amazon Echo dot.

    • Use guided meditation to calm your mind

    Before heading to bed, you should consider easing your mind from all the distresses you have encountered the whole day. Meditation is an excellent way to relieve anxiety and stress and can help you relax and silence your thoughts enough to get you into a deep sleep. 

    Your Amazon Echo has a built-in guided meditation. There is a meditation for every day. Just say “Alexa, open Guided Meditation”, and you are ready to start your meditation.

    • Fall asleep to rain sounds

    If you love sleeping when it is raining outside, then Amazon Echo is for you. It will always put you to sleep. Just say, “Alexa, play rain sounds”, and it will instantly conjure up the shower sounds. It will continue playing until you say “Alexa, stop”. Also, if you don’t want rain sounds to play all night, you can always set it to stop at a specific time.

    Bottom Line

    It is also important knowing that the Amazon Echo syncs up with other audio devices. It can also connect with Audible, so you can easily get to sleep listening to an audio-book of your choice. Just ask Alexa to read the book by name.

    Air Purifier

    Air Purifier for good night’s sleep

    Getting a good night’s sleep is vital for your overall health. Some individuals take extreme measures like keeping their rooms completely silent and dark in order to enhance their sleep, but few think of how impurities in the air might be affecting the quality of their sleep.

    However, scientific studies have proven that air pollution can increase the chances of poor sleep by up to 60%. This answers why most of us experience the unpleasantness of trying to fall asleep during a seasonal allergic reaction. 

    Thanks to these links between sleep quality and air, a bedroom air purifier might be just the thing you’re lucking to help you have a better night’s rest.

    Here is a guide to using air purifiers for better sleep and which type of air purifiers we recommend for bedroom use.

    What Kinds of Contaminants Lead to Poor Sleep?

    There’re three things that need to be removed from your air, to improve your chances of sleeping well. The 1st is pollution in the form of particles and gases. 

    The 2nd is any kind of mold, spore, dust, or allergen that could irritate your breathing system. 

    Lastly, bad odors might keep you from getting a good night’s rest. You will require an air purifier capable of removing all of these impurities to maximize your sleep quality.

    What Type of Air Purifier Do You Need?

    The kinds of contaminants you are exposed to will determine the type of air purifier you will need for your bedroom. 

    If allergens and dust are your only concern, a filterless or HEPA air purifier will be perfect. If you are dealing with strong odors or live in a heavily polluted area, a purifier with a carbon filter will do nicely. 

    Be sure to take into account what are the problems with your home air actually before choosing air purifiers for better sleep at night. 

    Also, you can utilize a personal indoor air quality meter to know what is the state of the air in your bedroom if you need some help to find out the problem with your air quality.

    Bottom Line

    Air purifiers are non-invasive; thus, you don’t have to worry if you are using any other treatment. However, by installing an air purifier in the bedroom, we confidently expect your reliance on other medicines to reduce, and your sleep and life quality to go up.